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Faculty & Objectives


Sri.B.Hari Babu, M.Sc.,SET

Asst. Prof of Chemistry

Mobile: 8008259315

e-mail: 1gadwal.jkc@gmail.com

Full Time Mentor: 

Sri. M. Subramanyam,M.B.A.,


e-mail ID: subbu7171@gmail.com


Project objectives:

  1. To  educate ,  to  train ,  to  apply  and   to  undertake  research  and  to  provide  service  to  the   community.
  2. To  provide  conducive  environments  for  learning.
  3. To  reduce  the  gender  inequality  by  training  highly  capable  professional
  4. To  reduce  the  urban - rural  divide.

Course Objectives:

  1. Proficiency in Functional English.
  2. Correcting Pronunciation and neutralizing Mother Tongue Influence.
  3. Improving Communication Skills.
  4. Practicing Soft Skills.
  5. Basic Business Correspondence Skills.

The Course Modules:

  • The  duration  for  the  JKC  training  period  is  Three Hundred hrs
  • JKC  training  will   given  for  every  two  months . Fine  Tuning  will  be  given throughout  year. 


The unique feature of JKCs is its Training Programmed designed to help the students to grow as a professional. The training aims to sharpen the competencies of the students and give them right inputs on Technology and soft skills. This Three Hundred hour training Programmed shapes final year students in Degree Colleges as Employable graduates. This training is offered by trained GEMs and a MENTOR.

Strategies Applied:

  1. News Paper reading: Every day  one  hour  will  be  spent  on  News  Paper  reading .  Reading news Paper enhances English language.  In this session Students are divided into small Groups. They must bring their own Dictionaries.  Each Student has to write synopsis of at least one report in a note book kept exclusively for this purpose.  News paper  reading  will  help  the  students  to  develop  vocabulary, Grammar, critical  thinking and some reading  skills  like  skimming  and  scanning. 
  2. Communicative Skills:Hundred Hours (33.33%) is allotted to Communicative Skills.  Students from Rural areas are good at their subjects but fail most of the times in Communicative Skills.  This has been making them develop inferiority complex.  To make them strong in communicative skills, J.K.C. is providing New Intro Book with Work Book along with Two CDs published by Cambridge University Press.  This course material is supplied to the students and the cost of the material is met from the fee collected from the students.  Rigorous practice of Communicative Skills is done in these hundred hours with the help of CDs and Work Book.  Students who have completed the course have shown dramatic improvement in their Communicative Skills.
  3. Techinical Skills:   JKC. is equipped with a computer lab consisting 30 desktops and one Lap Top with broad-band Connection.
  4. A mentor is appointed exclusively for J.K.C. to train the students on internet and M.S.Office for 40 hours.
  5. Aptitude and Reasoning: Analytical and problem solving skills are taught by the mentor for 40 hours.  This would help the students improve their skills required to face written tests for getting a job.
  6. Hands on Experience: JAMs and Group Discussions are conducted regularly to improve their confidence levels and communicative skills.  For this 40 hrs are allotted.
  7. Non-Verbal Skills:  These skills pay very important role for the student to get a job.  Hence 60 hours is allotted to practice various Non-Verbal Skills.

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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