Academic Cell


  • Commissioner of Collegiate Education has Academic Cell, which would advise and monitors the Academic Activities that would be under taken by the Institution. The Institution monitors through the I.Q.A.C.  
  • Implementation of designed curriculum by affiliated University.
  • Sustainable Curricular practices are framed by I.Q.A.C.
  • To active academic excellence.
  • Feedback analysis is followed.
  • Existing courses modified to meet the emerging national and global market requirements of Restructured courses
  • Strategies adopted to promoted sustainable good practices in Teaching and Learning and evaluation to active academic excellence.
  • To plan academic calendar, Teaching Plan and weekly schedules.
  • Use of ICT teaching in Teaching Learning.
  • To encourage SWOT Analysis by each department.
  • To encourage research and consultancy.   


  • Chairperson: Dr. Sreepathi Naidu, Principal           
  • Coordinator: Dr. P. Laveena Manjulatha,   M.Sc, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Physics
  • Members of the Faculty

1. V. Manoj Kumar,Asst. Prof. of Mathematics

2. K. Satyanna, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics

3. G. Rajender Asst. Prof. of Botany

4. B. Haribabu Asst. Prof. of Chemistry

  • Administrative Staff :                                              1. G. Maqbool Ahmed Administrative Officer,             



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