Covid-19 Cell - Government Degree College, Eturnagaram.

Convenor- Swamy.U- Department of Zoology.

Members: 1. K. venkateshwarlu- Department of      Chemistry.

              2. D. Naveen-  Department of  Physics                                                           

             3. B. Renuka- Department of Commerce.

             4. Kaneez Fatima- Department of English.

Prevention Activities:

 All the Teaching and non-teaching faculty members-

* should follow the Covid-19 precationary measures     compulsory.

*  Focus on each and every candidate (students/staff/others) enter into the college inner campus.

* If any person found suspecting with cold, cough, fever, pains, nervessness etc., immediately bring the matter to the committee members.

* Suggest the students to wear the mask properly  and maintain physical distance always.

* Committee members have to lookafter sanitation activities regularly.

Thank you.

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