Academic Year 2018-19.


   i) Promotion Rules & Regulations click here*

II.Curriculum Planning/Syllabi:(Subject wise)

Telugu syllabi click here

 Zoology for semester I to VI Click here

1. Zoology Syllubi- 2019-20- I  & II semester.

2. Zoology III semester click here

3.Zoology IV semester click here

4. Zoology V Semester  paper- I click here

5. Zoology V semester paper- II click here.

6. Zoology VI semester paper- I & II click here

Subject: Physics

Semester I click here

Semester II click here

Semester III click here

Semester IV click here

Semester V paper I & II click here

Semester VI paper I & II click here



B.Sc / BA Computer Applications:

Sem I:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/623_Bsc%20Computer%20Science%20I%20Semester.pdf

Sem II:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/532_BSC%20I%20YR%20IISEM%20COMPUTERS%202PAPER.pdf

Sem III:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/659_BSc%20LA%20CA%20III%20Semester.pdf


Sem V:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/862_Bsc%20Life%20Science%20V%20sem.pdf

Sem VI:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/863_Bsc%20Life%20Science%20VI%20sem.pdf

B.Sc Computer Science:

Sem I: https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/13_1%20sem%20CS.pdf

Sem II:


Sem III:


Sem IV:


Sem V:


Sem VI:




 Political Science:

Commerce: I Year syllabus click here

Commerce II year syllabus click here

Telugu: syllabus 2018-19 click here


Bcom Computer Applications:

Sem I:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/744_BCom%20Computer%20Applications%20II%20Sem.pdf

Sem II:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/744_BCom%20Computer%20Applications%20II%20Sem.pdf

Sem III:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/714_BCom%20General%20Computer%20Applications%20Semester%20%20III.pdf

Sem IV:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/715_BCom%20General%20Computer%20Applications%20Semester%20IV.pdf

Sem V:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/716_BCom%20General%20Computer%20Applications%20Semester%20V.pdf

Sem VI:https://kakatiya.ac.in/web/course/717_BCom%20General%20Computer%20Applications%20Semester%20VI.pdf

History Syllabus

Semester I click here

Semester II click here

Semester III click here

Semester IV click here

Semester V paper I

Semester V paper II

Semester VI paper I & II

Mathematics Syllabus

Semester I click here

Semestr II clcick here

Semester III click here

Semester IV click here

Semester V - Paper A & B click here

Semester VI - Paper A & B click here

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