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COURSE OUTCOMES (CO) Course Code :- 5713/E Program :- B.A(HEP) Semester – I Course title :- Micro Economics-I HPW :- 5 Credits – 5 CO1: To explain the importance and definitions of Economics and to analyse scope and limitations of Economics. To discuss the different approaches to Economic Analysis. CO2: To explain Utility Analysis and to identify the major differences Between Cardinal vs Ordinal Utility. To Analyse the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and discuss Law of Equi-Marginal Utility. Describe Indifference Curves analysis and consumer’s surplus. CO3: To explain the meaning of Demand and identify types of Elasticity of Demand and its measurement. To explain Law of supply and to identify The types of Elasticity of supply and its determinants. To explain Derivation of supply curve. CO4: To explain the concept of production and types of production Functions . To discuss the scale of production. CO5: To describe different types of costs and revenue and explain the Relationship between Average and Marginal Costs Curves in short and Long run. CO6: The course on Micro Economics is covered in five Modules , which Covers ‘core’ theme of the course Micro Economics- I.
COURSE OUTCOMES (CO) Course Code :- 5714/E Program :- B.A. (HEP) Semester –II Course title :- Macro Economics -I HPW :- 5 Credits –5 CO1:To explain the meaning, Scope and Limitations of Macro Economics. To describe the different methods of measurements of National Income and Social Accounting. CO2:To explain theories of Employment and criticism. To describe Keynesian Theory of Employment. To identify Multiplier and Accelerator. CO3:To explain the Theories of Intrest .To describe Meaning, Types and Determinants of Investments. CO4: To describe the theories of Demand for Money. To explain the Definition and measures of money supply and its control. CO5:To explain the Causes , consequences and control of inflation. To Describe the Samuelson’s Business Cycles Theory. To illustrate Stock market and Insurance. CO6:The course on “Macro Economics” consists of five Modules which covers Core theme of the subject Macro Economics-I
COURSE OUTCOMES (CO) Course Code :- 5715/E Program :- B.A (HEP) Semester – III Course title :- Micro Economics -II HPW :- 5 Credits – 5 CO1:To explain Types of Revenue and Relationship between Average Revenue and Marginal Revinue. To describe the objectives of a firm. CO2:To Familiarise the students about the Markets and its classifications and to know how does price determines under different Markets. CO3:To enable the students to differentiate between Monopolistic Completion and Oligopoly. CO4:To make students about different types of price strategies and the Role of state intervention. CO5:To analyse how does remuneration is given to the factors of Production. CO6:This course on “Micro Economics” is covered in five Modules which Covers the core area of the subject Micro Economics-II.
COURSE OUTCOMES (CO) Course Code :-5716/E Program :- B.A (HEP) Semester –IV Course title :- Public Economics HPW :- 5 Credits – 5 CO1:To familiarise the students about Public Finance and Private Finance. To discuss about different theories of Public Household and make Distinguish between Public Goods and Private Goods. CO2:To brief the students about different theories of Public Expenditure. To make enable to understand the principle of Maximum Social Advantage and Cost-Benefit Analysis. CO3:To make understand the students about Fiscal Policy. To distinguish Between Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes. CO4:To make aware the students about Taxation and its impact. CO5:To know about different types state Budget and Finance Commission. CO6:The course on “Public Economics” consists on five Modules which covers Core area of the subject “Public Economics”.

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