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Mentoring System

Mentor Mentee System

The following are the Final List of Mentors for the Academic Year 2021-2022 constituted once and for all. The mentors thus constituted are requested to be responsible to be informative about the students concerned. The same shall be uploaded to the portal of NAAC as is mandated in the instructions made clear by the CCE NAAC Steering Committee.

List of Mentor-Mentee for this Academic Year 2021-22 Download file Here     



Committee Members:

S. No.

Name of the Faculty

Official Design.



Dr. M. Venugopal

Asst. Prof. of Maths



In-charges of All the Depts.

Asst. Professors


In recent years, Mentoring System has emerged as a strong response to the plight of students at-risk. They also provide advice relating to selection of major, career guidance and personal problems. The mentoring system of our institution ensures that the students adapt to the dynamic learning environment and lead their ways into highly successful careers.  Kakatiya Government College, Hanamkonda has an integrated mentoring system where the faculties act as a link between the students and the institution and perform the following functions:

Mentors’ Responsibilities: The mentor will perform the following functions. The list of course cannot be exclusive. A mentor can always do more for the benefit of the students.

  • Meet the group of students at least twice a month.
  • Continuously monitor, counsel, guide and motivate the students in all academic matters.
  • Advise students regarding choice of electives, project, summer training etc.
  • Contact parents/guardians if situation demands e.g. academic irregularities, negative behavioral changes and interpersonal relations, detrimental activities etc.
  • Advise students in their career development/professional guidance.
  • Keep contact with the students even after their graduation.
  • Intimate the In-charge of the Dept. and suggest if any administrative action is called for.
  • Maintain a detail progressive record of the student (format attached).
  • Maintain a brief but clear record of all discussions with students.

The In-charges of the various Departments also act as a mentor and monitor different activities

of the assigned mentors and the students. The In-charges do:

  • Meet all mentors of his/her department at least once a month for the reviewing of proper implementation of the system.
  • Suggest and advise mentors whenever necessary.
  • Initiate administrative action on a student (when necessary).
  • Give a detailed report of the mentoring system to the Head of the Institute time to time.
  • And the Academic Staff Council of the college discusses the mentoring related issues at least twice in a semester and revises or upgrade the system if necessary.

Benefits of a Mentoring System:

  • Enhances the students’ confidence and challenges them by setting higher goals, taking risks and ultimately guiding them to achieve higher levels.
  • Individual recognition and encouragement.
  • Psychosocial support at the time of need.
  • Routine advice on balancing of academic and professional responsibilities.
  • Mentors act as role models and facilitate leadership by developing the interpersonal skills and helping students thrive in competitive environments.
  • Students get access to a support system (Mentors) during the crucial stages of their academic, professional and intellectual development.
  • Students get an insider’s perspective on navigating your career in the right channel.
  • Students get an exposure to diverse academic and professional perspectives, and experiences in various fields.
  • The mentees get a direct access to powerful resources within your major or profession.
  • The mentors lay the foundation for the students to reach greater heights in their professional lives- Thereby contributing to lasting personal and professional relationship

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