Career Guidance & Placement Cell


Aim: To provide ample opportunities to the students for upgrading their skills. The real aim of formal education in the modern context is also to make the students ready for jobs or self-reliance in addition to their physical, mental, and spiritual development. There is a need to provide a platform for the students in the institution where they are pursuing their UG/PG Programme in an HEI.


S. No. Name of the Committee Member Official Design. Status
1. Dr. Vasam Sreenivas Assistant Professor of Che. Convener
2. Mr. S. Ganapathi Rao Assistant Professor of His. Co-Convener
3. Dr. D. Suresh Babu Assistant Professor of CS Member
4. G. Jeevan Kumar Assistant Professor of Com. Member
5. Dr. V.Anil Kumar Assistant Professor of Zoo. Member
6. Mr. B. Raju Assistant Professor of Phy. Member
7. Ms. G. Leelavathi Assistant Professor of Hindi Member

To begin with, we live in a highly competitive era where all our career choices and our efforts determine the quality of our life in the future. The competition is increasing every day and has even engulfed the courses that were once called non-conventional. With this, the importance of proper Career Guidance and Counselling cannot be overlooked. The competition has become so brutal that there is no scope for mistakes in career. One small mistake can push you behind in the race towards your dreams. Nowadays, the career choices reflected by your resume is seen as the first impression of your decision-making skills. Hence, even a small, wrong career step can leave a bad impression.

Kakatiya Government College, Hanamkonda, Warangal (U) is pleased to offer Career Guidance to its stakeholders and works hard at its best for providing placement opportunities too. The institution has never been silent in finding the chances of witnessing its students be placed in employment suitable to their tastes and interests in the fields chosen by them. Here is what makes the Career Guidance and Placement Cell of the institution to continue its services for the benefit of the students’ bright future.

It is a universal fact that information is necessary in every walk of human life. People are in the need of different types of information to meet day to day problems. Career and employment information is very much important for student community as it guides them towards career awareness. Now a days, every student talks about career and employment opportunities in their early college days. Career counseling plays a vital role among the students of rural degree colleges like ours where they have no opportunity to go for professional career counselor. In this regard, Career Counseling Cell of the colleges should play a vital role.

  • Importance of Career Guidance and Counselling:
  • The overall development of a student comes about by allowing her to achieve and perform to her best. This is what every academic establishment should aim for.
  • Whenyoung minds are being trained to fill out positions in society, it is extremely crucial to allow the right window of time for efficiently bringing about optimum development.
  • Far too many people are dissatisfied with what they do for a living. Job stress may lead to anxiety, depression or other mental trauma that may be debilitating. So, building a fulfilling career is considered to be crucial for long term mental health too.
  • Action Plan for the Committee:

1. Pre-Admission Guidance & Counselling and guidance must be given at pre-admission level particularly in the section of Humanity Group. Pre-admission guidance will be for the 1st year students. There must be a Pre-Counseling and Guidance Committee at College level as per the availability of staff in which all stream faculty members may be included.

2. Self Assessment of students and raising the level of inherent capability To make the students comfortable and bring forth their inherent capabilities, the counseling and guidance must be given to the students in the beginning through various measures viz. tutorials, organizing competitions, group discussion, interactive sessions, e-learning, library usage etc. It is desirable that adequate opportunities may be given to the new entrants i.e. for the 1st year students so that they shed their inhibitions, if any, and in the process the level of their self confidence is also raised.

3. Development of Communication Skills and Soft Skills It will be mandatory for all the committees that programmes may be organized to enhance the Soft Skills of the students. Efforts may also be made to improve the Communication Skills of the students through various measures. The Language Labs of the nearby Colleges/institutions, wherever possible, can be utilized for the purpose. It is desired that equal weightage be given to the students of all classes. This exercise be done with a purpose of making the students confident enough to face any interviews/Group Discussions & other such challenges.

4. Guidance/Awareness about opportunities for Higher Education/ Competitive Exams and Jobs The students may be given awareness about the prospects of higher education in their future. They may be made aware about the job opportunities available in their stream/subject in the market/industry. Since there are more subjects in the Humanity Group therefore, Group Combination can be formed for common subjects in the following manner for providing them insight into the opportunities available in a particular field/subject etc., 

5. Competitive Awareness may also be given to the students. The students may be made aware about usage of library, e-learning, use of website, e-journals etc. Due consideration may be given to the fact that all students are made aware of different competitive exams after the degrees to shape their future course of action.

It will be the responsibility of the “Career Guidance and Counseling Cell” that proper record and detail of the students offered job/placement in the job programme/campus placement will be kept. Regular feedback from the students provided job/placement may also be taken, so that the good or bad experiences may be taken care of for future planning; & this Year-wise placement record shall have to be submitted to the office by the cell at the end of the session. As already explained, these directions are general in nature. However, the “Career Guidance, Counseling and Placement Cell” may include more activities to provide better inputs to the students. All these guidelines shall be the part of prospectus, and regular reports of the activities undertaken by the committees shall be reported to the “Career Guidance, Counseling and Placement Cell”.

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