IQAC Committee

S. No. Name of the Committee Member Official Designation Status in IQAC
1. Dr. P. Indira Devi Principal (FAC) & Lecturer in English IQAC Chairperson
2. Dr. E. Ram Bhaskar Raju Asst. Professor of English IQAC/NAAC Coordinator
3. Dr. D. Suresh Babu Asst. Prof. of Computer Science Member & Web Coordinator
4. Dr. Vasam Srinivas Asst. Professor of Chemistry Member
5. Mr. Bandari Raju Asst. Professor of Physics Member
6. Dr. B. Indira Naina Devi Asst. Professor of Economics Member
7. Dr. T. Annie Sheron Asst. Professor of Botany Member
8. Dr. E. Satyanarayana Asst. Professor of English Member
9. Dr. Aayesha Sheik Asst. Professor of Commerce Member
10. Mr. Masood Ahmed Mahmoodi Asst. Professor of Physics Member
11. Dr. J. Somanna Physical Director Member
12. Dr. Kalluri Somi Reddy Former Associate Prof. of Chemistry External Expert
13. Mr. Perugu Ravindar  Former Asst. Prof. of Zoology Local Community 

Dr. P. Indira Devi, Principal (FAC) & IQAC Chairperson:

The College IQAC is headed by the Chairperson, Dr. P. Indira Devi, basically a Lecturer in English and heading the Department of English is also the Principal (FAC) of the Institution besides holding the position of the Coordinator of the Study Centre of Dr B. R. Ambedkar Open University.  By the able administration of the office of the principals in succession, the college stood at No. 1 (in Non-Autonomous Field) in the State in attracting the U.G. Admissions through DOST during 2018-19 with an intake of 1475/1601 seats. This period witnessed K.G.C. standing at Rank No.2 among the N-LIST visitors in the country during 2018-19. Excellent potential for excellence in the administration of the college went into obtaining ISO 9001-2015 Identity…a praiseworthy Accolade to the institution. At the moment now, the college is on board to NAAC in Cycle III for Reassessment and Reaccreditation under his administration. The Hierarchy of the Collegiate Education, Telangana constantly propels the faculty to embark on research programmes and convene seminars, conferences, workshops, guest lectures, various events like celebrating Great Men Birthdays and Death Anniversaries and student-centric events to enrich them with Career Guidance and Placement opportunities.  The institutional administration yielded a significant development in the accomplishment of infrastructure, Open Gyms, R.O. Water Plants along with Bore Wells and Pipeline System for Safe Drinking Water, Sanction of Computer Systems from the Government, College Face-Lifting Developmental Activities, Implementation of e-Office System and CAIMS (College Administration and Information Management System) under the aegis of the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Telangana., Digital Reading Room, Developed Botanical Garden with rare medicinal plants, Enriched the Department of Physical Education establishing the new Table Tennis Unit. Cleanliness is next to Godliness in all walks of life and career is the dictum the college believes in.


Dr E. Ram Bhaskar Raju: IQAC/NAAC Coordinator:

He is an Asst. Professor of English, Contributor to ISO Manual of the institution. The Department of Collegiate Education, Telangana considered him for NAAC Consulting Services to the Government Degree Colleges in the state. He published more than fifty research papers in journals known for reputation in the realm of English Language and Literature. He is a  T-SAT Live TV Presenter; Columnist in English in Print Media; Panel Member in English at NTA in MHRD and at TSSET as Subject Expert in English; Member BoS in English;  Recipient of Teacher Awards from Government;  Member on the  National Peer Review Committee Langlit International Journal of English;  Editorial Board Member of  IMRF Journals;   Course Writer of Textbooks of English of  UG (Regular) for Satavahana University and UG (SDLCE) for Kakatiya University;  Resource Person on ELT to various institutions;  Producer of A.V. Lessons for U.G. General English for SDLCE, Kakatiya University,  Honoured Guest for Radio Talks on Communication Skills All India Radio, Warangal; Interview Board Member on Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samithi; Content Writer on ELT Material Development to +2 Institutions, Translator of Poems/Songs authored by Celebrity Authors and Script Writer and Translator for Door Darshan Documentary Films on Kissan Programmes for Prasar Bharati, Govt. of India, New Delhi; Researcher on Academic Writing, Organizer of Academic Events, Academic Adviser to Corporate Institutions and above all his dexterity shines in the Teaching of English to U.G. and P.G. Courses resulting in the effective delivery of the curriculum. He is a Consulting Editor to the U.G. English Textbook published by Cambridge University Press for I Year at Satavahana University, Karimnagar.  Of late, Dr Raju has become a TESOL, USA certified professional in ELT besides which he has completed a Course on William Shakespeare from Harvard University, U.S.A.


Web Coordinator: College Website Coordinator Dr. D. Suresh Babu,

Asst. Professor of Computer Science is a recipient of Best Teacher Award from the Government of Telangana through Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Telangana. He has been serving as Research Supervisor to a handful number of Research Scholars for Doctoral Programmes in Computer Science at J.N.T.U. Hyderabad.  e is He He holds a niche to explore advancements in computer technologies emerging day in and day out.  He rendered his covetous services in Degree Online Services, Telangana facilitating online U.G. Admission Process and rendered Helpdesk Services continuously since 2016-17 Academic Year and thus identified as a Tech-savvy to run DOST at ease and speed. He has a good number of research papers published in ISSN/ISBN to his credit. He is an External Examiner, Selection Committee Member, T-SAT Live TV Presenter, Author of a handful number of Textbooks on Computer Science for Telugu Akademi, Government of Telangana, MOOCS Specialist Teacher, Content Developer, Contributor to College ISO Manual and a Website Construction Specialist. Dr. Suresh’s professional interest motivated 1300 U.G. students of the college who completed MOOCs Online Courses from IIT Mumbai, which is but a benchmark accomplishment. He published a good number of textbooks in Computer Science from Telugu Akademi, Government of Telangana.


Dr. Vasam Srinivas, Asst. Professor of Chemistry :

Criterion 1 Coordinator

About: Dr. Vasam is known to be an expert teacher of Chemistry. He is the recipient of the Best Teacher Award from Govt. of Telangana; organized M.Sc. Free Coaching till 2017-18; T-SAT Live TV Presenter, Columnist in Chemistry with Eenadu News Daily; BoS Member in Chemistry at Kakatiya University, Warangal; Organized Student Placement Drives with MSN Labs in 2017-18; Published Many Research Papers in ISSN/ISBN Editions to his Credit; Resource Person in Chemistry and above all, a soul interested in professional ethics.   


Mr. Bandari Raju, Asst. Professor of Physics :

Criterion 2 Coordinator

About: Mr. Raju Bandari is a committed teacher of Physics besides being a great artist and an excellent calligrapher. His paintings are taken for speaking; a state-of-the-art specialist in handling experiments in Physics; currently pursuing Doctoral Programme in Physics; Offers self-improvised content material in Physics to help academically underprivileged students, dedicated to the professional interests and sustains quality in his assignments and a Computerate with eminent M.S. Office Excel Skills that excel all others of the kind. A committed teacher with par excellence in promoting the subject interest among all his students.  


Dr. B. Indira Naina Devi, Asst. Professor of Economics:

Criterion 3 Coordinator

About: Dr B. Indira Naina Devi is a teacher with par excellence in her work culture. Her potential for excellence includes – steering the college Women Empowerment Cell in a responsible way to empower woman students in practice while preferring less of the theory; an exemplary Guide Teacher in JIGNASA Student Study Projects; Possesses considerable working knowledge of Computers for documentation; Organizes Academic Events with Balanced Approach; Published Research Papers worth ISSN/ISBN to her credit; an Asset to the Dept of Economics in the college.


Dr. T. Annie Sheron, Asst. Professor of Botany:

Criterion 4 Coordinator

About: Dr. T. Annie Sheron is a talented teacher of Botany besides holding extraordinary skills in administrative matters. As an Academic Officer dealing with the Budget Allocation Affairs to the Govt. Degree Colleges in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State at the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education under the then CCE A. Vani Prasad, IAS, she proved her mettle in accomplishing YUVATARANGAM (a State Literary and Cultural Fest drawing out the best of the innate talents in Govt. Degree College Students) for 5 years successfully; authored textbooks on Botany for Popular Publishers; recipient of Teacher Awards from State Government; loves to nourish Botanical Garden unique of its kind; performed as JIGNASA College Coordinator for 2019-20; and proved herself to be a responsible teacher of Botany. 


Dr. E. Satyanarayana, Asst. Professor of English:

Criterion 5 Coordinator

Dr. E. Satyanarayana is an Asst. Professor of English and a poet who emotively depicts the pitiable anguish of the languished metrics of human life true to the core. He is a Panel Member as Subject Expert in TS-SET; Translator of celebrated literary works appeared in the Telugu language; BoS Member in English; Performs Computer Skills; Resource Person on the English Language and Literature; Live TV Presenter; Course Writer for General English at U.G. Level;  Published Research Papers in ISSN/ISBN Editions; Recipient of Teacher Awards; Motivator and an Asset to the Department of English and the Institution.


Dr. Ayesha Sheik, Asst. Professor of Commerce:

Criterion 6 Coordinator

Dr. Aayesha Sheik is an Asst. Professor of Commerce who is enriched with the legacy of accomplishing prolific Major Research Projects in the field successfully. In addition to being a brilliant teacher of Commerce enriched by her knowledge of Business Management published a good number of Research Papers in the field in ISSN/ISBN Editions, she is a woman A.N.O. of the college N.C.C. Unit for Women whose leadership won many an accolade for the Cadets at State and National Level Identity, Possess Enough Computer Knowledge, a BoS Member in an Autonomous Institution known for Reputation; she proves an honest niche to excel in her professional concerns.


Mr. Masood Ahmed Mahmoodi, Asst. Professor of Physics:

Criterion 7 Coordinator:  

Mr. Masood Ahmed Mahmoodiis an Asst. Professor of Physics working on the Department of Physics of this institution. He published a few Research Papers in ISSN/ISBN Edition in the field and is currently pursuing a Doctoral Programme in Physics. He is a BoS Member; possesses considerable Computer Skills; a Committed Teacher and organizes academic occasions effectively. He has obtained the data of this Criterion with all his professional interest and zeal.  


Dr. J. Somanna, Lecturer in Physical Education: Member on IQAC Committee

Dr. J. Somanna is a Lecturer in Physical Education and heads the Department of Physical Education in the institution. Under his guidance and training, many a student of this institution have nourished their talent in Sports and Games thus allowed themselves to prove their mettle at State and Inter-State Level Sports and Games Competitions. He is committed to the cause of institutional assignments entrusted to him to champion the cause of institutional interests and welfare of the students. Recipient of the Best Teacher Award during 2020-21 Academic Year through the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education from the Government of Telangana.   


Dr. Kalluri Somi Reddy, Former Associate Professor of Chemistry, External Expert to IQAC

Dr. Kalluri Somi Reddy, Associate Professor of Chemistry of this college is a committed teacher and accomplished academician.  He has been serving the cause of higher education for the last three decades and still going strong.  He is very popular among students due to his excellent teaching skills and enthusiasm in keeping abreast with the latest teaching-learning methods. He got selected for CSIR Fellowship (UGC, New Delhi) in 1984 for the research work and completed Minor Research Project in 1992, sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi. He was awarded Ph.D in 1996 by Kakatiya University, Warangal under FIP, UGC, New Delhi.  For his knowledge and experience in Scientific and Research methodology, he set up a Research Lab in the Department of Chemistry in collaboration with departmental colleagues to facilitate research work undertaken by faculty as well as students. He is known for his academic and service leadership in the field of higher education. He leaves no stone unturned and makes the best use of resources, including that of human, at his disposal in executing a task successfully.  He got Inspire Internship of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi sanctioned to the college which was first of its kind in the entire state of Telangana.  As Convener of the 5-day programmed held for three consecutive years, he won the hearts of young students as well as an appreciation of the Commissioner of Collegiate  Education, Hyderabad, Govt. Telangana. Eminent Scientists, mentors from reputed institutes like CCMB, IICT, NIN, NGRI, IIP & Central University enlightened the students on the need for scientific research during the workshops. He is instrumental in initiating Free Coaching for M.Sc. (Chemistry) Entrance Exams for the students of downtrodden and marginalized sections. His efforts have fructified as scores of students secure ranks and seats in M.Sc. (Chemistry) of different universities, specifically NCL, Pune, NIT, Warangal and the University of Hyderabad. As the Convener of illustrious Alumni Association of the college, he mobilized required logistics and finances to set up a purified water plant and construct Kakatiya Kala Thoranam on the college premises. His participation in all activities whether curricular,  co-curricular or extra-curricular is exemplary and worthy of emulation. 


Mr. Perugu Ravindar, Former Asst. Professor of Zoology, Local Community Member

Mr. Perugu Ravindar is a highly talented teacher in the subject of Zoology. His services were extensively useful to the student community in his tenure in matters of organizing student-centred and outreach activities. An M.Phil Degree holder he is, he inculcated research interest in his students on a par with classroom instruction. He made students to participate in Blood Donation Camps, raising rallies in regard to AIDS and other diseases to educate people in the aspect of sustaining fit health. As part of local community services, Mr. Perugu is immensely useful to the institution in supporting the student welfare programmes and quality improvement suggestions practically. He has several credentials of his participation in National Seminars conducted in Life Sciences as proof of his interest in academics and research. Having attained Superannuation in the month of August, 2017, he kept himself abreast with quality improvement programmes organized by the institution. A ready-to-depend on intellectual, he is viewed a welcome guest to the college.

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