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Program Outcomes


Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

PO1: To ensure sound knowledge of courses inthe programme as prescribed by the affiliating University, i.e.,Kakatiya University, Warangal (TS).

PO2: Students will expertise in their domain.

PO3: Students get ability in   investigating and solving complex problems in day today life.

PO4: Students are able to perform their responsibilities effectively as Individual and in Teams. (This Programme can inculcate team spirit among the students)

PO5: This programme enables efficient communication & life skills among students.

PO6: This programme inculcates awareness on environmental sustainability among students.

PO7:Students can develop generosity and make Societal contribution.

PO8:To guarantee consistent improvement in the performance   of the students as compared to their entry level and encourage them for further studies.

PO9:The expected outcome of the program is to give   students a multi -disciplinary approach that helps them to build their social,analytical skills and inpursuing multi-tasking courses and profession.

PO10: Provides knowledge about human behavior, social, economic and political conditions in which human being lives Prepares him for being a good civil servant and makes him the better citizen of the country

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)

This programme aims to make the students employable and self-employment oriented.  After completion of the B. Com programme, the students are expected with the following outcomes:

PO1: They attain skills like management skills, entrepreneurial ability, numerical ability, administration ability, marketing ability etc.

PO2: Students can independently start their own business.

PO3: Attains knowledge in trade, finance, commerce, insurance, income tax, banking, money market, capital market, warehousing etc.

PO4:The students will be capable in decision making in their personal and professional life.

 PO5:Develop  understanding of various commerce functions such as Finance,   Accounting, Financial analysis, project evaluation, and cost accounting.

PO6:Have global exposure ofcomplexcommerceproblems and find theirsolution, process information by effective use of IT tools.

 PO7:Develop self-confidenceand awareness of general issues prevailing in the   society.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

PO1:Enables students to apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.

PO2:Encourages analytical and critical thinking abilities for business decision making.

PO3: Promotes ethical and value-based leadership ability.

PO4:Provides a wide knowledge of all disciplines of the course and training in management of both animate and inanimate entities and develops leadership skills.

PO5:Enables students to effectively communicate business issues,management concepts, plans and decisions both in oral and written form using appropriate supportive technologies.

PO6:Equips students to demonstrate the capabilities required to applycross-functional business knowledge and technologies in solving real-world business problems.

PO7:Enables students to demonstrate use of appropriate techniques to effectively manage business challenges.

PO8:Makes students capable of recognizing and resolving ethical issues.

PO9:Helps to preparestudentsformanagerial rolesandasentrepreneurs.

PO10:This program isexpected to prepare Entrepreneurs / businessleaders/ businessexecutives by nurturing together abroad range of abilities viz.,Communication,  Critical thinking and personality development.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Life Sciences)

PO1: Expertise in the basic sciences provides the students with opportunities to go for Higher Education and also employment opportunities in industries ,diagnostics,quality control and research.

PO2:Promotes an in-depth exploration in specific fields, current ways of thinking, new discoveries, and methodologies of the discipline leading the way towards biological research, health professions,business,or Education.

PO3:To Inculcate the spirit of resource conservation and love for nature.

PO4:Students will be able to understand adaptation, development and behavior of different forms of life.

PO5:Students will be able to explain various plant processes and functions, metabolism, concepts of gene, genome and how organism’s function is influenced at the cell, tissue and organ level.

PO6:Students will be able to relate the physical features of the environment to the structure of populations, communities, and ecosystems. The understanding of networked life on earth and tracing the energy pyramids through nutrient flow is expected from the students.

PO7:Understanding the issues related to nature and environmental contexts and sustainable development.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Physical Sciences)

PO1:Possess a sound understanding of the theoretical foundations of various core subjects.Acquire analytical andlogical thinking skills necessary to pursue higher education.

PO2: Gain employment at   entry level positions based on program curriculum.

PO3:Bachelor of Science (BSc) offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge about different subject areas. These subject areas include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science, Statistics and Data Science and other fields depending on the specialization a student opts.

PO4: This course forms the basis of science and comprises of the subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Chemistry.

PO5: After the completion of this course students have the option to go for higher studies i.e. M. Sc and then do some research for the welfare of mankind.

PO6:Students can also find employment in government sectors. Students after this course have the option to write Indian Civil Services Exams.

PO7:This course also offers opportunities for serving in Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force as officers.


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