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we are offering online certificate courses by colllabortating with Spoken-Tutorial organisation. 

Our Online Certificate Course Statistics :

What is Spoken Tutorial?

Spoken Tutorial is a multi-award winning educational content portal.  Here one can learn various Free and Open Source Software all by oneself.  Our self-paced, multi-lingual courses ensure that anybody with a computer and a desire for learning, can learn from any place, at any time and in a language of their choice.  All the content published on this website are shared under the CC BY SA license

The learning can happen in an organised manner as well.  Faculty in institutes can organise their batch of students into groups, who will learn a particular software course for an entire semester.  The ST course can be mapped to the Course/Lab manuals and systematic learning can take place.  If the academic timetable permits, then a single student can learn upto 3 different ST courses in one semester during the designated academic Lab hours.

Forum help is also available on our website.  To post questions on a particular portion of a specific tutorial, visit this web-page: https://forums.spoken-tutorial.org/

Our online Certificate Courses are:

  1. PHP and MySQL
  2. Advanced Cpp
  3. C and Cpp
  4. Java Business Application
  5. LibreOffice Suite Base  


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