The Department of Physical Education of the collegeis led by a Doctoral PhysicalDirector Dr J Somanna much to the benefit of the students of the college. The Sports Complex consists of Indoor Gym, Indoor Games Hub and the 5 Acre College Playground facilitates almost all the vital Sports and Games Courts for use with the students. The complex is maintained by the Temporary Attenders appointed in the college as sweepers. The infrastructure, material and other amenities are arranged.

The Department of Physical Education together with the Sport and Games Committee look after the facilities provided for Sports and Games (Indoor and Outdoor) and upgrade them as and when the need arises accordingly. The Physical Director personally takes care of the students to make them take part in various Sports and Games competitions at District/State/National Level and Inter-Collegiate/Inter-University/Inter-State accordingly. Competitive Spirit and Physical Fitness are always kept in the conscience of the students. Achievers are honored with Certificates and Medals together with institutional recognition on the Republic Day and Independence Day exclusively. To enhance their tact in sports and games, students are advised to make use of the college library. This year the Department has organised State Level Yuvatarangam Sports and Games much to the esteem of the institution.

Gymnasium:A sound mind in a sound body! The Department of Physical Education has superbGymnasium which is rare to be found in Government Degree Colleges. All the students and teachers have access to the College Gymnasium to make use of the tools under the guidance of the Physical Director, a trained Acrobat.

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