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Institutional Strategies

ABV Government Degree College is run by the funds sanctioned by the UGC, RUSA and state government. The UGC grants are given to both research scholars and the college for the improvement of the facilities in the college. Besides these funds, sometimes to meet the needs of the students, appeals are put forth before the philanthropists and social activists who have a cell for the prosperity of the students. If any donations are received from the philanthropists, they are being discussed in the meetings for their proper utilization. Based on the unanimous resolutions taken in the meetings, the donations collected from them are utilized for a constructive purpose.

   It is observed that most of the students who seek education in the college are from socially and economically deprived sections of the society. Every year during examinations, they are expected to stay at the college to receive quality and examination-oriented teaching from the faculty. Since the students are not used to get lunch boxes, it is resolved to provide Mid-Day meals to the students.


The fee is collected from the students as per the regulations of state government. The examination fee is collected as per the University guidelines. The collected funds are utilized as per the budget prepared under the control of Head of the institution. A separate Purchase committee is constituted for the purchase of any articles. The College receives grant in aid from the Government in the form of salary grant and salaries are paid to the staff members as per the norms of the government.

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