Lr.No. 152/A/GDC/MNGR/2020-21                                                                                                                           Date:  12-06-2020

Sub: -    RTI Actin Educational Institutions – Appointment of PIO and APIO    –       Orders issued-Government Degree College Manuguru – Bhadradri Kothagudem – T.S. – reg.

                           Ref: - RTI Act 12th October, 2005.


                    Right to Information Act, 2005 is to understand the powers and functions of the CIC under the RTI Act and relevant rules. The        college has constituted the PIO and APIO Committee with the Following Members.


Name of the Staff



Mobile Number


Dr. B. Srinivas


Appellate Authority



Sri. J. Anil Kumar

Asst. Prof. of Botany




Sri. Ch. Ram Prasad

Senior Assistant




   Objectives of the Committee:

  1.  To monitor the day- today function of the Institution
  2. To identity work practices which are conductive to the efficient functioning of the Campus.
  3. To examine the availability of financial resources, human resources and infrastructure
  4. To provide for setting out the practices regime or right to information for Citizens to secure access to information.
  5. To promote accountability and transparency in smooth and effective functioning of the institution.


      Powers and Duties of the Committee Members:

  1. Principal:The principal is the head and Executive of the college who takes the responsibility of inquiring and decision making in declaring the information sought by any one. He looks into the whole functioning of the institution and is responsible for overall affairs of the college. The Principal is the Appellate Authority as far as the RTI is concerned.
  2. PIO:Public information Officer:  The college senior faculty member is the Public information Officer. All citizens shall have the right to information accessible and hence the PIO attends to the rights of the applicant, scrutinizes the information sought, examiners its urgency and ensure the disposal of the request within prescribed time period. He also forwards it to the higher officer for her right decision at the earliest according.

      3. APIO Assistant Public information Officer:  The Asst. Public Information Officer who is the  Senior Assistant of the college co-               ordinates with the PIO by  all means in receiving and forwarding the applications of the seekers and ensures the delivery of the                     information to the applicants accordingly




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