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Government Degree College, Paloncha was established on Dt: 18-11-1991 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh as a dream of the people of the scheduled(Tribal) area to cater to the higher educational needs of the poor and marginalized tribal and other backward people. The college administration much more concentrates on these students for whose higher education has become the main prerogative, uneducated parents are unaware of the fruits of education resort to the extreme step of early marriages to girls/daughters at a very young age and also sending the boys and girls for agriculture labor at the cost of discontinuing college education.

The college started its beginning in the premises of the local Government Junior College building and operated in a shift system from its inception, in 2006 the college shifted to its present own building. From the year 2019 construction of additional classrooms and infrastructural augmentation with the financial assistance of RUSA 2.0 was started and now it is almost in the final stage of completion. The college has 15 acres of land and about 1430 sq. Mts. plinth area. The college has 34 rooms in which 12 Class Rooms, 4 digital classrooms, 1 virtual classroom, 4 Staff Rooms, 1 Seminar Hall, 1 Gymnasium, 2 units of Toilets, 5 laboratories, 1 IQAC Office, 1 MANA TV/TSAT Hall, 1 Library, 1 Administrative Office, 1 Principal’s Chamber, 1 NSS Room & 1 RO Plant Room. Now the college is fully-fledged with classrooms and other facilities. The college has a significant play area for sports & games, greenery, a botanical garden, and good internal footpaths. One Boys Hostel is located in the college campus and others are situated at a walk-able distance from the college.

The motto of the institution, “NahiGnanenaSadrusham '' is taken from a Sloka belonging to the fourth chapter of Bhagavad Gita’, it means wisdom is majesty pure, and divine. Across the period of time, the institution has made its own mark through consistent service to the poor students.

The Government Degree College, Paloncha had its humble beginning with offering B. Com, B.A course with meager student strength and took nearly two decades to flourish. The Science Courses in Telugu and English medium introduced in 2008-09 and 2018-2019 respectively. In accordance with the UGC guidelines and Government of Telangana directions, the institution is offering courses in C.B.C.S pattern from 2016. From the academic year 2019-20 MOOCs programmes are also included with the regular programmes. From the year 2020-21 M.Com is introduced. Now the college is offering 17 programmes. The institution has been following the curriculum executed by the affiliated university, Kakatiya University, and the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Telangana.

The institute with a burden to protect the rights of women has been encouraging girl students to take admission in the college and has been protecting them in all matters possible. The institute has 62 Memorandum of Understandings(MoUs) that help the students to learn more living and employable skills. The college has much collaboration with Public/Governmental and Nongovernmental agencies to support the students for multidimensional growth.

Various committees like Staff Council, Academic and Examination Committee, Complaints Redressal Cell, Women Empowerment Cell, Internal Complaints Cell, Anti-ragging Committee, Jignasa Committee and Ecoclub, Women Empowerment Cell, Bhagya Cell are working under the Chairmanship of the Principal contribute in the implementation of the vision and mission of the college. CPDC meets regularly to discuss the progress of the institution and makes resolutions for the affluence of the institution. IQAC functions to take care of the quality enhancing and sustainable initiatives in the college.

The institution has a student council that is constituted with Student Members. The members are elected by the staff council depending upon the academic merit of the students. Representatives for Ladies, Sports, Games, and NSS are nominated by consulting respective in-charges. The principal of the college is taking into significance their commitment to active participation in curricular and extracurricular activities. The council shares participation in the planning and execution of the events such as sports and cultural meets, plantation, Clean & Green activities. The college has one unit of the National Service Scheme(NSS) organising many extensions and provides the students' hands-on experience in societal issues and problems. It equips them with the service motto and transforms them as potential leaders.

The institution is framed within demarcated Motto, Vision, Mission, and Core Values that reflect the uniqueness as per the needs of the students and value orientation to the downtrodden people living in the surroundings of the college.


The vision of the college is to build a reliable qualitative higher educational institute for the students of the agency area especially those from tribal communities. The college was established to bring out the innate potential of the rural poor of Paloncha, a town in Bhadradri Kothagudem District.


  • Strives to expand access for all sections of people to higher education with a special focus on tribal students with a policy of commitment and excellence.
  • To cater to the Academic needs of the students at UG level with an institutional planning and university curriculum implementation
  • To practice innovative teaching methods like Lecture discussion methods, Content generating methods.
  • Providing quality education and career guidance.
  • To motivate and organize the students for self-learning through Internet, Library, Field survey, etc.,


  • To raise stakeholders' awareness of global issues providing new learning opportunities.
  • To enhance, enrich and empower the communicational and computational skills amongst rural student’s communities.
  • To maintain academic standards through creative and innovative teaching.


  • Stand-in the service motto
  • Strive for excellence
  • Propagate ethics and values
  • Stand-in universal brotherhood
  • Respect for nature and the environment


  • The logo of the college consists of Poorna-Kumbham in a lotus flower on an open book and white and pure sun in the backdrop.
  • Poorna-Kumbham symbolizes the prosperity and completeness
  • Lotus symbolizes enlightenment of the student
  • Opened book symbolizing wisdom through education
  • White and pure Sun in the backdrop symbolizes majesty of pureness and wisdom.
  • Motto - NahiGnanenaSadrusham
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