The Government Degree College, Paloncha has an ample information system that adopt from by the CCE of Telangana under the theme of ‘Good Governance’ namely, CAIMS which stands for the College Administration and Information and Management System. The CAIMS comprised five modules viz.

1. Student Information Management System (SIMS) which makes availability of the information regarding students and generate the Acknowledgements certificates upon the applications received for different kinds of documents received for Bonafide Certificates, Transfer Certificate, Admission Certificate, Statistical Reports, etc.

2. Accounts Management System (AMS) confers the management of day wise, month wise and year wise Cash Books, Receipts and Payments, Details of Cheques and Head wise Payments and Receipts.

3. Marks Management System (MMS) module offers the management of marks of the students and help the studentsto get marks in anytime and make the teachers to maintain marks registers

4. Certification Management System (CMS) is a module that upon the verification of application issue certificates namely Transfer Certificate, Bonafide Certificate and other certificates

5. Academic Audit System (AAS) is a module that access audit for higher authorities like CCE, Telangana.

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