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Procedures and policies

The established norms have been formulated and implemented in the utilization of physical, infrastructure, sports, library and support service facilities. The policies and procedures are broadly governed by the orders and instructions of the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education Govt.of Telangana. However these are formed and implemented through various committees of the college. The committee on fee regulation decides the allocation of laboratory fee to various departments. The student strength and nature of expenditure (recurring and non recurring) are taken into consideration. The inventory is regularly done. Annual staff verification is done. The heads of department reassess the needs corresponding to changes in syllabi and condition of equipment. The purchase of new equipment and disposal of obsolete equipment is done in accordance with government rules. The infrastructure is provided by the government. The policies are formed and procedures are laid out. However the maintenance is done through college committees involving the physical director and NSS programme officers. Staff council reviews the status and submits proposals for acquisition, up gradation and creation of infrastructure. The sports committee and library committee formulate the policies. These decide the timings and general functioning of the facilities.


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