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The College has established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities through the following committees

1.Stock verifications Committee for Science & Computer Labs

2. Furniture Committee

3. Games and Sports Committee

4. Library committee

The above committees verify the equipment or facilities with stock register and suggest to improve the facilities and submit the report to the Principal for further review with the concerned departments. The institution is particular about the maintenance and up-keeping of the infrastructure. To maintaincleanliness in the college office subordinates take care of sweeping the entire college every day. The Administrative Officer, the office head, looks after all the maintenance of buildings and furniture of the college with the available office staff, hiring skillful persons from outside.

Laboratories: Laboratories are cleaned every day by the in-house staff of the college. Equipment is regularly serviced to avoid any sort of damage. Parts of the instruments are replaced as and when required. Repairing various equipment, scientific instruments, devices, printers and computers undertaken to keep them in good working conditions.

Library: It is the knowledge dissemination center so it is maintained in an efficient manner. Library racks, almirahs furniture (tables, chairs, and computer tables), computers, periodical racks, notice boards are regularly checked and repaired as and when required. A vacuum cleaner is used to clean the books and maintain them in a neat and tidy condition.

Sports Complex: It includes a gymnasium and other indoor gaming facilities. To upkeep the equipment in the gym, regular maintenance is done to ensure the availability of all items every time.

Computers: For maintaining the good performance of computers, licensed antivirus software is installed on every computer. Thus the important information is protected from getting corrupted. When a computer fails for minor reasons, it is dealt with promptly by the local technicians and brings the system back to its working condition. Components of computers are replaced or repaired when they stop functioning.

E-Resource Centre: There are 10 systems housed with internet facilities in this room. There is a facility to access e-resources like e-journals, e-books, e-magazines and soon. A photocopy facility is available in the e-resource centre.

Classrooms: All the classrooms are well lit, ventilated, furnished for the smooth and optimal conduct of classes. Regularly fans, tube lights, tables, chairs, and boards are repaired and updated.

Water Purifiers:

There is a water purification system (RO Plant) installed in the college which is cleaned every week by the college staff.

Sanitation: There are sufficient numbers of washrooms available for male and female staff and students. Sanitation staff members are appointed on the Adhoc basis for the maintenance of washrooms. Garbage is gathered at various points in the college and properly disposed of.

CCTV: 8 cameras have been installed throughout the campus for reinforcing security measures for students and staff. Cameras are checked regularly and are repaired whenever needed.


The College has a ground for cricket, courts for games like kho-kho, kabaddi, and volleyball.

The institution has NCC and NSS units which also are significant learning resources. The NCC unit has fifty cadets (Men & women); two NSS units with hundred volunteers.


The institution comprises of main library and departmental libraries. The main library has over 3000 books.


The institution is subscribed to NLIST resources through INFLIBNET. The library has access to e-journals and e-books which give the students to explore the knowledge.


In addition, there are twelve departmental libraries housing 207 books altogether. The main library subscribes to 4 newspapers and 3 magazines.


The library is automated using SOUL 2.0 software. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), an online database of the library material is accessible to all the users of the library. The College has 10 MBPS bandwidth of internet connection. It has a ten stationed gym used by the students.

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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