Students Club

Studetns Club:


In our College students are  involved in various committees and also students shares their views in related problems & matters in committee meetings. For example we are showing some committees students as members below

1. IQACCommittee

Coordinator    :Capt.R.Sanjeev.

a)        Sri.D.RavinderRao, LecturerinZoology.

b)       Sri.R.Ramakrishna,Asst.Prof.ofCommerce.

c)        Sri.K.Arjun,Asst.Prof.ofCommerce.

d)       Sri.M.Manoj,Asst.ProfofBotany.

e)        Sri.S.Srinivas,Librarian.

f)      Sri.M.BhanuVijayanand,AdministrativeOfficer.

g)       Dr.T.VenkateswarRao.M.D.

h)       Sri.N.Varaprasad.C.A.

i)         Dr.T.KiranKumar.M.D.

j)         P.Naresh,B.Sc.BZCIIIYear

k)       S.ShivaPrasad,B.ComIIIYear.



a)        Dr.T.VenkateswarRao.M.D.

b)       Sri.D.RavinderRao, LecturerinZoology.

c)      Sri.M.BhanuVijayanand,AdministrativeOfficer.

d)       MD.Inthiyaz,B.A.

e)        M.Kethana,B.Sc.




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