Effective Curriculum

The College is affiliated to Satavahana University, Karimnagar and the curriculum for all the courses is prescribed by the concerned Board of Studies of the University. The same curriculum is adopted by all the departments in the college. Other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are designed and implemented in accordance with the Academic Calendar issued by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education (CCE) and the Almanac given by the University.

At the beginning of every academic year, the IQAC commences meeting with all HODs and initiates the process of preparation of the blueprints for curriculum planning and deployment by every department as per the University guidelines. The Heads of the Departments convene meetings and prepare the curriculum planning and deployment blueprint. Periodic meetings of the Heads are convened to review the process of implementation.


The Institution ensures delivery of the curriculum in the following ways:


  • Allotment of work load in each department is done based on specialization/options/experience of faculty.
  • Time-tables are prepared by the Coordinator of Time-table in the concerned departments with the approval of Principal.
  • Faculty members prepare lecture notes and teaching plan for theory subjects and laboratory manuals for practical subjects according to the curriculum of Satavahana University, Karimnagar. Based on the pre-requisites, extra hours are allotted to certain subjects. HODs monitor the syllabus completion status for every two weeks. Adherence to syllabus completion as per teaching plans is monitored through academic records maintained by the concerned faculty.
  • Assignments are given on regular basis for every internal exam syllabus.
  • Internal examinations for theory and practical subjects are conducted as per the schedule given by the Satavahana University, Karimnagar.
  • Question papers for the internal tests are designed such that the course outcomes are attained. Teaching faculty are entrusted with the task of mentoring 20 students on academic and personal issues, leading to a better learning atmosphere and to sustain their performance.
  • Contents beyond the syllabus are taught through industrial visits, e-learning and guest lectures by experts from the industry and academia.
  • e-Resources like National Digital Library, NPTEL-SWAYAM, N-List etc., are provided in library to supplement the syllabus. Teachers are encouraged to adopt audio-visual teaching methods such as PPTs, ICT tools and online courses using e-class rooms
  • The College also organizes various programs related to the academics such as Field Trips, Educational Tours, Personality Development Seminars, TSKC and TASK etc. Central Library of the college is well equipped with books, magazines, newspapers.
  • It is indeed a pride moment to mention that Mr. S. Ramesh, Principal (FAC) / Asst. Prof. Of Commerce was one of the Resource persons in MANA TV of CCE TS Hyderabad. Mr P.Dadasalam, Principal(FAC) / Asst Prof. of Commerce, was one of  the member of  Board of studies(BOS) in Commerce.
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