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Since the inception of Mentor-mentee system in 2016 by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education in all government colleges of Telangana, the institution is following the system till date. Mentor-Mentee system is implemented in the institute, wherein several students are assigned to a faculty member who acts as their mentor for the entire program duration. The system recommends the teacher student ratio of 1:40 in accordance with the availability of the teachers and students.

Mentor regularly interacts with the students and monitors their academic performance and attendance. Students are counseled by the mentors for improving their academic performance.

The mentor is responsible for providing counseling to the student and providing guidance in personal, career, health and academic aspects. The role of the mentor is to nurture the students and guide them for any issues they may come across. This system helps the mentors in tracking the progress of the students constantly and enables to take suggestive remedial measures for the improvement of the slow learners. Remedial classes register is specially maintained for this purpose.

 Not only in academic aspects, students are supported and guided in co-curricular and extracurricular activities also. Mentors make the students aware of disadvantages of early marriages, superstitions, social evils and necessary safety measures in real world and social media platforms. Mentors collaborate with health club during health camps organized in the institution. They also encourage the mentees to practice in yoga asanas and meditation.

If required, the mentors contact the parents and educate them about their ward’s performance and the academic programs of the college.

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