Admission Procedure

From the year 2016-17 Telangana government has decided to make degree admission process through online only. So candidates wants to seek admission into this college are requested to visit the link and follow the instructions.

This site maintained by Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE), Hyderabad Telangana state, seats are allotted as per students placed options on the basis of merit and reservation rules.

UG Courses

Sno Course Name Course Category Medium Reg/Self
1 B.A. Economics-Public Administration-Political Science Telugu Regular
2 B.A. Economics-Public Administration-Political Science English Regular
3 B.A. Economics-History-Public Administration Telugu Regular
4 B.A. Economics-History-Public Administration English Regular
5 B.A. Economics-History-Political Science Telugu Regular
6 B.A. Economics-History-Political Science English Regular
7 B.A. Computer Applications-Economics-Political Science English Restrutured
8 B.A. History-Economics-Computer Applications English Restrutured
9 B.A. Computer Applications-History-Political Science English Restrutured
10 B.A. History-Political Science-Public Administration Telugu Regular
11 B.A. History-Political Science-Public Administration English Regular
12 B.SC Bio-Technology-Zoology-Chemistry English Restrutured
13 B.SC Microbiology-Zoology-Chemistry English Restrutured
14 B.SC Bio-Technology-Botany-Chemistry English Restrutured
15 B.SC Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry English Regular
16 B.SC Microbiology-Botany-Chemistry English Restrutured
17 B.SC Mathematics-Statistics-Computer Science English Restrutured
18 B.SC Botany-Zoology-Chemistry Telugu Regular
19 B.SC Botany-Zoology-Chemistry English Regular
20 B.SC Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science English Restrutured
21 B.Com Computer Applications English Restrutured
22 B.Com General Telugu Regular
23 B.Com General English Regular




Ø  Understanding the society

Ø  Making the students as responsible citizens

Ø  Realization of human values

Ø  Sense of social service

Ø  Understanding the human relations

Ø  Understanding the economic systems

Ø  Understanding  the Historical, Economical, Political, Environmental  forces of the community

Ø  Recognizing  the role of individual with in the society

Ø  Promoting  active and responsible citizenship and community engagement understanding  the  administrative setup  and its functions

Ø  Understanding  the  Economic  aspects  of the country and taking part in Economic activities to promote Economic development



Ø  Students are able to recognize and articulate the fundamental principles methods, theories and laws of business studies. They can showcase humanistic behavioral and eco friendly attitude by learning humanities and skill courses.

Ø  Commerce graduates demonstrate the knowledge accounting statistics laws and skills of leadership, ICT for employability.

Ø  They use five important accounting practices.

Ø  Students describe relation between theories laws and practices of business.

Ø  Apply the skills in accounting and organizations


B.Sc. COURSE (Physical Sciences) : OUTCOMES


Get the depth knowledge of physics, Chemistry, computer science and computer applications.

Demonstration skills and competencies to conduct wide range of scientific experiments,

Able to identify their area of interest in academic and R & D.

Perform job in various fields like science, engineering, education, banking, business and public services etc..With analytical mind, innovative thinking, clarity of thought and expression, systematic approach.

They have opportunities in the government services related to chemistry particularly in the field of food safety, health inspector, pharmacist etc.. They achieve the skills required to succeed in academics, private pharmaceutical industries and other various industries like cement, agro product, Petrochemicals, Food processing, Fertilizer industries etc. Understand the importance of chemistry in the daily life and the concept of chemistry to inter relate and interact to the other sciences etc. Learn the laboratory skills and safely to transfer and interpret knowledge entirely in the working environment.

B.Sc. COURSE (Life Sciences) : OUTCOMES

The life sciences are the branches of science that study living things from prokaryotes to eukaryotes. A scientist who works in the life sciences would be interested in learning more about plants, animals, human beings or microscopic organisms physiology, its genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, ecology and evolution. However, the branches are created in the sciences for better understanding of subject. Furthermore, in this college we offer various disciples in the life sciences in the form of fundamental courses of Botany and Zoology and also offer advance courses in Biotechnology and Microbiology.

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