Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing Facilities

For utilizing the facilities the concerned HoDs call for proposals, or fallow the time table schedules, the academic almanac schedules and submit the same to the principal for approval. After getting the approval the facilities are utilized for the benefit of students. Computers labs, science labs, e digital class rooms, smart class rooms , seminar halls, TSKC labs, e office maintenance system, playgrounds, gym are utilized for the overall development knowledge in the students under the proper care with concerned faculty members and supporting staff. Separate block for library with sufficient no of learning resources is existing on the camps both for a development of domain knowledge and competitive examinations purposes. Students Sometimes proposals also come from outsiders for utilizing college premises, playgrounds particularly in times of elections, from government agencies and authorities. The government agencies take over with entries in the lag book and handover after completion of the process with necessarily entries and alterations made. The girls hostel with accommodation for 150 inmates and Dr.BR. Ambeaker Open University  are function on the campus.

The total campus area is about 26 acres as such spacious play grounds are available. Sometimes the play ground is provided to recognized organizations with prior approval for conduct of meetings, on the days of holidays for the colleges.

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