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  •   The vision of the institution, which aims at the holistic development of students so as to make them knowledgeable & good human beings, who turn out to be responsible citizens of the nation.


  •   To inspire the desire for higher education, to rise as a standout institution in quality education and to ensure all-round development of the students with focus on deep knowledge for problem solving, effective traits for quality leadership and personal well-being.


  •  To be the leading educational institution in the region with multifaceted development-centric approach, a focus towards holistic growth of its stakeholders and a responsibility towards societal betterment.



The institution strives to focus all its efforts to realize its vision through the following mission statements:

  •  Our college entrusted with the responsibility of producing human capital and its quality in turn determines the quality of the nation so efforts are being made to cater the contemporary needs. Byinculcatingdiscipline,punctualityandregularity.
  •  By adopting ICT based technical tools and best practices to reach the needs as peremerging trends. Meetingtheneedsofadiversestudentpopulation,weembraceequityandaccountabilitythrough measurable learning outcomes and achievements.
  •  Strengthening students’social responsibility by doing social activities with readiness, as responsible social servants with special focus on health and hygiene

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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