Academic Advisory Committees

1 Dr.D.Prasanna Asst. Prof. of Zoology Academic Co-Ordinator
2 Dr. G. Narsimulu Asst. Prof. of Pub Admin Academic Co-Ordinator (Arts)
3 Dr. R. Sreelatha Asst. Prof. of Botany Academic Co-Ordinator(Life Sciences)
4 Dr.M. Sundara Murthy Asst. Prof. of Physics Academic Co-Ordinator (Physical Sciences)
5 Dr. R. Prasanna Asst. Prof. of Commerce Academic Co-Ordinator (Commerce)
6 Smt. Uma Maheshwari Asst. Prof. of Commerce Member
7 Dr.G.Pranitha Asst Prof of Chemistry Member
8 Dr. N. Mrudula Asst. Prof. of Telugu Member
9 Dr.D. Sarada Devi Asso. Prof of Mathematics Member
10 Dr.Radhika Librarian Member
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