AY 2021 - 22


Government City College (Autonomous), Nayapul, Hyderabad

Programmes Offered from the Academic Year 2020-21

B.A. B.COM./ B.B.A. B.SC. Physical Sciences B.SC. Life Sciences
1) B.A. (Economics-Communicative English-Mass Communication & Journalism(MOOCs)) 1) B.Com. (Business Analytics) 1) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Chemistry-Computer Science) 1) B.Sc. Life Science (Bio-Chemistry-Chemistry-Bio-Technology)
2) B.A. (Economics-Political Science-Computer Applications) 2) B.Com. (Computer Applications) 2) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Economics-Chemistry) 2) B.Sc. Life Science (Bio-Chemistry-Psychology(MOOCs)-Applied Nutrition)
3) B.A. (Economics-Political Science-Geography(MOOCs)) 3) B.Com. (Foreign Trade) 3) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Economics-Computer Applications) 3) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Bio-Chemistry-Applied Nutrition)
4) B.A. (Economics-Political Science-Mass Communication & Journalism(MOOCs)) 4) B.Com. (Taxation) 4) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Economics-Computer Science) 4) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Bio-Chemistry-Bio-Technology)
5) B.A. (Economics-Political Science-Public Administration) 5) B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration 5) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Economics-Political Science) 5) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Bio-Chemistry-Chemistry)
6) B.A. (Economics-Psychology(MOOCs)-Mass Communication & Journalism(MOOCs))   6) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Economics-Public Administration) 6) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Chemistry-Applied Nutrition)
7) B.A. (Economics-Statistics-Computer Science)   7) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Economics-Statistics) 7) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Chemistry-Bio-Technology)
8) B.A. (History-Communicative English-Mass Communication & Journalism(MOOCs))   8) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry) 8) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Psychology(MOOCs)-Bio-Technology)
9) B.A. (History-Communicative English-Sociology(MOOCs))   9) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science) 9) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Zoology-Applied Nutrition)
10) B.A. (History-Economics-Communicative English)   10) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Physics-Statistics) 10) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Zoology-Applied Nutrition)
11) B.A. (History-Economics-Computer Applications)   11) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Political Science-Computer Applications) 11) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Zoology-Chemistry)
12) B.A. (History-Economics-Geography(MOOCs))   12) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Political Science-Geography(MOOCs)) 12) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Zoology-Computer Science)
13) B.A. (History-Economics-Mass Communication & Journalism(MOOCs))   13) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Statistics-Computer Science) 13) B.Sc. Life Science (Botany-Zoology-Psychology(MOOCs))
14) B.A. (History-Economics-Political Science)   14) B.Sc. Physical Science (Mathematics-Statistics-Data Science) 14) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Bio-Chemistry-Applied Nutrition)
15) B.A. (History-Economics-Public Administration)     15) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Bio-Chemistry-Bio-Technology)
16) B.A. (History-Economics-Sociology(MOOCs))     16) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Bio-Chemistry-Chemistry)
17) B.A. (History-Political Science-Computer Applications)     17) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Bio-Chemistry-Computer Science)
18) B.A. (History-Political Science-Geography(MOOCs))     18) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Chemistry-Applied Nutrition)
19) B.A. (History-Political Science-Mass Communication & Journalism(MOOCs))     19) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Chemistry-Bio-Technology)
20) B.A. (History-Political Science-Public Administration)     20) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Psychology(MOOCs)-Applied Nutrition)
21) B.A. (History-Political Science-Sociology(MOOCs))     21) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Psychology(MOOCs)-Bio-Technology)
22) B.A. (History-Psychology(MOOCs)-Mass Communication & Journalism(MOOCs))     22) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Zoology-Applied Nutrition)
23) B.A. (History-Psychology(MOOCs)-Public Administration)     23) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Zoology-Bio-Technology)
24) B.A. (Office Management-Communicative English-Computer Applications)     24) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Zoology-Chemistry)
      25) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Zoology-Computer Science)
      26) B.Sc. Life Science (Micro Biology-Zoology-Psychology(MOOCs))
      27) B.Sc. Life Science (Zoology-Chemistry-Applied Nutrition)
      28) B.Sc. Life Science (Zoology-Chemistry-Bio-Technology)
      29) B.Sc. Life Science (Zoology-Psychology(MOOCs)-Applied Nutrition)
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