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 Department of Botany

Email Id: botanygcchyd@gmail.com

Brief History

  • Established in the year 1967, the Department of Botany is oldest among the science departments in the college.
  • Initially the Department offered Botany with Zoology and Chemistry combination (BZC) in both English and Telugu medium. Classical Botany was taught in the Curriculum.
  • With the Technological advancements in the field, the Department has equipped itself technically from time to time to cater the needs of students in learning latest advancements.
  • Accordingly, as on date as a part of the curriculum prescribed, applied aspects of Botany are also being taught and also many initiatives are being taken up by the Department in educating the students in the aspect.
  • Also, Botany is being taught in combination with various applied


  • To promote importance of Botany subject and to make students able and self reliant after completion of the Degree.
  • To learn about botanical importance in Life
  • To learn about importance of Botany like Medicinal Botany, Microbial, Biotechnological, Biological aspects
  • To educate the students on environmental aspects of Botany
  • To motivate the students to know the various aspects of Botany
  • To inculcate the research orientation skills related to Botany
  • To inculcate, enlighten the students in inter relation of botany with Agriculture, horticulture, biotechnology, Industry etc..
  • To motivate the students for further higher education, research in Botany

Faculty Details:


Name of the Faculty



Experience (in years)


Dr.K.L.V.VaraPrasada Rao


Ph.D (OU),


Assistant Professor


Plant Molecular Biology

Dr. D. Narmada

M.Sc,B.Ed,Ph.D,(OU), AP SET

Assistant Professor


Palynology, Paleobotany

Smt. A. Sheba Rani

M.Sc ,B.Ed (Ph.D) SLET

Assistant Professor



Dr. D. Nagaraju

M.Sc., B.Ed, Ph.D., APSET

Assistant Professor


Taxonomy, Medicinal Botany, Mycology and Plant Pathology

Dr.K.Sudha Rani

M.Sc, M.A (Psy)M.Ed, M.Phil,Ph.D

Lecturer (Contract)


Applied Botany, Embryology, & Tissue Culture







Mr. Krishna

Herbarium keeper




Contingent Staff



Courses Offered

Year of Establishment

BZC (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)- TM & EM


MBC (Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry)-EM


BtBC (Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry)-EM


ANBC (Applied Nutrition, Botany, Chemistry)-EM


BcBC (Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry)-EM


An.B.Z(Applied Nutrition, Botany, Zoology)- EM


M.B.Z(Microbiology, Botany, Zoology)-EM


Bt.B.Z(Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology)-EM


CA.B.Z(Computer Applications, Botany ,Zoology)


B.C.CA (Botany, Chemistry, Computer Applications)


B Psy Bt  (Botany, Psychology, Biotechnology)


B Z Psy   (Botany, Zoology, Psychology)



Students Strength Particulars

Academic Year




































Students Performance((Results)


Percentage %












Teachers  Awards/ Rewards if any

Fellow of Indian Botanical Society

Associate Fellow of Mycological Society of India

Young Botanist Y. S Murthy Medal Award 2012,

Young Scientist from BHU Varanasi, in ISMPP


Teachers  Training Attended (OC/RC/Webinars/ online FDP/ MOOCS /Swayam/any other Training)

Attached as separate Sheet


Seminars/Extension Lectures/Workshops/ Organised







Advanced Molecular Techniques




Mushroom Cultivation




Bonsai Plant Cultivation




Techniques on Invitro Plant Propagation




Save Rivers-  Musi an Example


Extension Lecture

A Comprehensive view on Skill development Program by NIRD



Sampling and Identification of Food Contaminants.



Plant Tissue Culture Techniques in collaboration with PRR Biotech Innovations Ltd.


Extension Lecture

Prospects in Horticulture


Guest Lecture

Plant Breeding Methods




Research Career Opportunities in Life Sciences-in Collaboration with CCMB



Tissue Culture


Extension Lecture

Fungi Economic Importance


Extension Lecture

Transgenic Technology and Its Application in Crop Development




Emerging Innovative Prospects of Phyto-nutrients and Phyto-medicines in Human Health – Covid 19 Pandemic



Wetland’s Day - 2021 in collaboration with BSI, DRC, Hyderabad




Emerging Aspects of Taxonomy and Biodiversity, in collaboration with Botanical Survey of India, DRC, Hyderabad


Field Trips, Botanical Tours, Live Projects:

Field Visit

National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad, TS


Field Visit

CCMB, Habsiguda, Hyderabad, TS


Field Visit

Horticulture Expo, People’s Plaza, Neklace Road, Hyderabad


Scientific tour

Botanical Survey of India, DRC, Hyderabad


Live Project

Go green Challenge



Plantation, Koti vruksharchana


Nursery Plantation

Nursery sapling preparation in Collaboration with UBD & forest Department, Hyderabad


 Seminars / workshop attended : Attached in separate sheet


Research Publications : NIL


Department Library (No.of Books , Jounrals) 200 books 5 journals


Infrastructure facilities

Simple Microscopes

Laminar air flow

Compound Microscopes


Research Microscopes

Digital pH meters

Hot air oven






Ecological instruments

Microwave oven

Plant specimens

Permanent slides


LCD projectors and screens


Best Practices

  • Environmental awareness programmes
  • Job oriented Programmes
  • Commemorating Eminent Botanists
  • Utilization of ICT tools in classroom teaching
  • Free Coaching to PG entrance and Competitive Examinations
  • Conferring Gold Medals for encouraging students
  • Collaboration with Botanical Survey of India to enlighten, inculcate, motivate students towards Botany Research activities
  • Collaboration with Forest Department, Urban Biodiversity to prepare saplings, Plantlets, Nursery grafting techniques for plantation
  • Collaboration with horticulture department to train the students on various gardening techniques.
  • In collaboration with PRR biotech Innovative Pvt. Ltd to train the students in various tissue culture techniques
  • Go Green program planted sapling in the college premises to make green, eco friendly and healthy campus. 
  • Observing the birthdays of eminent scientists related to botany to encourage scientific aptitude among students.
  • Maintenance of Green House in campus
  • Live projects on Algal samples, diseased plant samples, Vermi compost
  • Maintaining of City College Herbarium
  • In collaboration with Horticulture Department to train the students on Mushroom Cultivation Techniques
  • Nursery Plantation in Collaboration with Forest Department and UBD, Hyderabad.



TWO Class room cum Lab are with ICT facility


Co-curricular Activities

Work shops,Seminars by Guests, Student Seminars,Quiz Programs


Extra Curricular Activities

Field Trips, Botanical Tours, Live Projects- Vermi culture & Vermicompost, Hydroponics, Go Green activities, Nursery Plantation


Teaching Methods

Lecture, Demonstration, ICT Tools Utilization



 Alumni Association is Maintained and every year passed out students got registered in it.


Evaluation methods

Internal Examination, External Examinations, Assignments, Projects


Field Visits / Industrial Visit:

Conducted every year visits to NIRD, Horticulture University, BSI, Hyderabad


Student Achievements :

List of Successful Candidates selected for M.Sc. Botany Course

  1. D.Nirmala- BZC TM- 2015-16
  2. B.Shiva -   BZC TM- 2015-16
  3. Noor-Ul-Huda- MBC-2015-16
  4. M.Srikanth – BZC EM-2016-17
  5. G.Divya – BZC TM-2016-17
  6. L.P.Naveen- MBC-2017-18
  7. Shirisha       Bt BC  2019-20



  1. MOU With PRR Biotech Ltd from MOU with Yuva Biotech Ltd

8.Teachers  Training Attended (OC/RC/Webinars/ online FDP/ MOOCS /Swayam/any other Training)

Dr.K.L.V.VaraPrasada Rao, Assistant Professor of Botany , Govt. City College , Nayapul , Hyderabad.

Webinars Attended :

  1. Covid-19 impact on women’s psychological and physical health by GCC, Hyd on 14-05-2020.
  2. Phytoterapeutics immunoboosters to combat bacterial and viral diseases by Andhra Mahila Sabha, Arts and Science College for Women, O.U. campus road, Hyd. On 29-06-2020.
  3. Overview and current trends of pharmaceutical industry by GCC, Hyd on 21-05-2020.
  4. Teaching and Learning Skills by GCC, Hyd on 07-07-2020.
  5. Teaching and Learning Skills by GCC, Hyd on 07-07-2020.
  6. The role of media during global pandemics by GCC, Hyd on 18-07-2020.
  7. Importance of telugu language and job opportunities by GCC, Hyd on 21-07-2020.
  8. Post Covid-19 : Sustainable environmental management by GCC,Hyd on 24-07-2020.
  9. National education policy 2020 : implementation and challenges in higher education by GCC,Hyd on 13-08-2020.
  10. Telugu bhaasha dinosthavam by GCC, Hyd on 29-08-2020.
  11. New education policy 2020 by AIFUCTO on 17-08-2020.
  12. Chemistry of Narcotics and drugs by GCC on 12-07-2020
  13. Recent trends,Carrier Challenges and opportunities in Plant Sciences on 18th,19th September 2020 conducted by Rayalasema University.

FDP s Attended :

  1. Digital teaching tools by GCC, Hyd from 29-06-2020 to 05-07-2020.
  2. FIP Online Short Term Course on Soft Skills: Teaching for Excellence organized from 06.07.2020 to 11.07.2020. at HRDC OU

Dr.D.Narmada , Assistant Professor of Botany , Govt. City College , Nayapul , Hyd.


1. Ayurvedic  Preventive Measures by Drugs and Pranayam for Covid-19 – Organized by Dept. of Genetics and Bio-technology, Bhavan’s Vivekananda College, Sainikpuri, Secundrabad, T.S. – 11-05-2020.

  1. Infectous Disease and Prevention – Organized by Pingle Govt. College for Women, Warangal, T.S.– 13-05-2020.
  2. Covid-19 impact on women’s psychological and physical health by GCC, Hyd on 14-05-2020.
  3. Career Opportunities for life science graduates by Vivekananda Govt. Degree College, Hyd on 15-05-2020.
  4. Recent studies bio-diversity conservation, climate change and ecosystem management by Sangola College, Sangola, Sholapur, M.S. on 07-06-2020.
  5. Plant diversity and conservation by MVS Govt. Arts and Science College, Mhabubnagar, T.S. on 19-06-2020.
  6. Phytoterapeutics immunoboosters to combat bacterial and viral diseases by Andhra Mahila Sabha, Arts and Science College for Women, O.U. campus road, Hyd. On 29-06-2020.
  7. Bharatiya Nruthya Sangeetha Samalochana by GCC, Hyd on 08-07-2020.
  8. Pandemic impact on digitalization of higher education – psychological and nutritional management by GCC, Hyd on 16-05-2020.
  9. Molecular facts and Theronostics of Covid-19 by GCC, Hyd on 18-05-2020.
  10. Overview and current trends of pharmaceutical industry by GCC, Hyd on 21-05-2020.
  11. Skills to success by Govt. Degree College for Women, Jagitial, T.S. on 27-05-2020.
  12. Bio technological applications for the conservation of bio diversity by Govt. Degree College for Women, Jagitial, T.S. on 11-06-2020.
  13. Plant research in welfare of human being by South Culcutta Girls College and Dinab
  14. Introduction to data science and its scope by GCC, Hyd on 17-07-2020.
  15. Hindu Mahavidyalaya, Kolkata on 17-07-2020 & 18-07-2020.
  16. Teaching and Learning Skills by GCC, Hyd on 07-07-2020.
  17. The role of media during global pandemics by GCC, Hyd on 18-07-2020.
  18. Importance of telugu language and job opportunities by GCC, Hyd on 21-07-2020.
  19. Post Covid-19 : Sustainable environmental management by GCC,Hyd on 24-07-2020.
  20. National education policy 2020 : implementation and challenges in higher education by GCC,Hyd on 13-08-2020.
  21. Telugu bhaasha dinosthavam by GCC, Hyd on 29-08-2020.
  22. New education policy 2020 by AIFUCTO on 17-08-2020.


  1. Novel insights into plant space biology by AVC College(autonomous), Mannampandal, Mayiladuturai on 21-05-2020.
  2. Power within you by Govt. Degree College, Pathancheruvu, Sangareddy, T.S. on 01-06-2020.
  3. Emerging trends in genetic engineering by Chaitanya(deemed to be university), Aramakonda, Warangal on 30-06-2020.


  1. HEI’S: post – 2020 quality endures by Tara Govt.College, Sangareddy, T.S. on 21-05-2020.


1.Digital teaching tools by GCC, Hyd from 29-06-2020 to 05-07-2020.

Dr. D. Nagaraju, Assistant Professor of Botany, GCC (A), Hyderabad

FDPs attended

1. FDP on Pedagogical Training for SRTMU, Nanded 1/7/2020 to Teachers on Tools for OnlineTeaching, learningand Evaluation 6/7/2020

 2. FDP on “Entereneurship, Incubation and Innovation” Teaching Learning Centre Ramanujan College, Univ. of Delhi, & MHRD 23/06/2020 to 29/06/2020

3. FDP on “Advanced Concept for Developing MOOCS” Teaching Learning Centre Ramanujan College, Univ. of Delhi, & MHRD 02/07/2020 to 17/07/2020

4. FDP on Covid-19 and New International Orders” Annamalai University, Tamilnadu 22/06/2020 to 28/06/2020

5. FIP Course on ICT Tools in Higher Education” UGC-HRDC-RUSA & Osmania University, Hyderabad 20/08/2020 to 26/08/2020

6. Online RUSA FIP on Soft Skills: Teaching for Excellence UGC-HRDC-RUSA & Osmania University, Hyderabad 06/07/2020 to 11/07/2020

7. STC on Outcome Base Education: Curriculum Design, Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategies” UGC-HRDC-JNTU Hyderabad 21/07/2020 to 27/07/2020

8. Online FDP on “Self Reliant India Mission (Aathmanirbhar Bharath Abhiyan) Shiksha Sankskriti Utthan Nyas & Sri Ayyappa Colege for Women Kanyakumari TN 20/07/2020 to 26/07/2020.

International Webinars Attended:

9. International Webinar on “Recent Trends in Phytochemical Research and Drug D iscovery (rtprdd-2020)” Dept. of Chemistry, SR&BGNR Govt. Arts & Science College (A) Khammam 20/11/2020

10. International webinar on “Basic Author Workshop Research Article Writing & Reference Management Using Mendeley” Faculty of Science, Annamalai University in collaboration with ELSEVIER 22/06/2020

11. International Webinar series on “Recent Trends and Challenges in Biotechnology” Department of Biotechnology Bharathiar University Coimbatore 23/06/2020 to 26/06/2020.

 12. International Webinar on Recent Trends, Caree, Challenges Opportunitiesin Plant Sciences Rayalasema University, Kurnool 18th, 19th Sept,2020.

National Webinars/ Seminars Attended

13. National and Interactive Webinar on “Role of Medicinal Plants in Human Welfare” R B Narayanarao Borawake Colege, Shrirampur 21/10/2020.

14. “National level webinar On Phytomedicine and Health” Rajah serfoji govt. college (autonomous), thanjavur ,Tamilnadu , India 13/07/2020

15. International Online Webinar on “Women Empowerment Leading to Grievance Redressal” Shri Mritunjaya College of Arts and Commerce, Dharwad 24/07/2020

16. International Webinar on Biological Sciences-Multi drug Resistance on Emerging Crisis Carmel College Mala Kerala 13/07/2020

17. National Webinar on “Plant Research in Welfare of Humanbeing Dinabhandu Mahavidyalaya Culcutta 17th -18th , July,2020

18. National Webinar on “ Job Opportunities after COVID -19: Focus on Skills and Employability ” Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar 10/07/2020

19. IDP-NAHEP-National Webinar on “Recent Biotechnological Tools for IDP-NAHEP & Acharya N G Ranga 24/06/2020 Crop Improvement” Agricultural University, Guntur

20. National Conference on Recent Advances in Biodiversity, Biology and Biotechnology of Fungi & 46th MSI Meet Dept. of Biotechnolopgy, Pondichery University 07/11/2019 to 09/11/2019

21. XLII All India Botanical Conference & National Symposium on Innovations and Inventions in Plant Science Research IBS & Calicut University, Kerala 06/11/2019 to 08/11/2019

22. National Seminar on Climate change and it’s Impact on Biodiversity UGC, Dept. of Zoology, KU Warangal 28//03/2019 to 29/03/2019

23. National Conference on Climate Change- Issues, Challenges & Strategies for Conservation of Medicinal Plants UGC, TSCHE & Dept of Botany, KU Warangal 06/03/2019 to 07/03/2019

24. National Symposium on Recent Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Plant Health Management & 71st IPS Dept. of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Banarus Hindu University, Varanasi, UP 26/02/2019 to 28/02/2019

25. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Plant Disease Diagnosis and Control Dept. of Microbiology, KU Warangal 1/12/2018 to 02/12/2018

26. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Plant Sciences UGC & KU Warangal 09/09/2018 to 10/09/2018

27. International Symposium on Fungal Biology: Advances, Applications and Conservation, 48th Annual meet MSI NFCCI, MACS Agharkar Research Institute, Pune 19/11/2018 to 21/11/2018

28. Telugu Academy Golden Jubilee Celebration Telugu Academy, Hyderabad 28/07/2018 29. National Conference on Innovative Approaches for Conservation of Plant Diversity UGC & TSCHE, Hyd 9/03/2018 to 10/03/2018

30. International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Allied Science Technologies for Sustainable Development GUARD & OU, Hyd 10/02/2018 to 11/02/2018

31. Training Programme

1). BHAGYA Indian Institute of Health and Family Welfare 17/05/2016 to 19/05/2016

32. 2). SHRESTA RUSA 9/05/2016 to 10/05/2016

33. 3). SHODHANA RUSA 02/05/2016 to 03/05/2016

34. Two day National Conference on Plant Science Research: Current Status and future Challenges Dept of Botany, UCW Koti, Hyd 7/11/2017 to 08/11/2017

35. National Conference on Fungal Biology: Recent Trends and Future Prospects MSI & Dept of Botany, University of Jammu 16/11/2017 to 18/11/2017

36. 104th Indian Science Congress i) Plant Sciences Indian Science Congress SVU, Tirupati 03/06/2017 to 07/06/2017

37. Frontiers in Plant Research-Prospects and Challenges Kakatiya University Warangal (UGC) 09/03/2017 to 10/03/2017

38. 39th All India Conference of Indian Botanical Society & National Symposium on New Approaches and recent Challenges in Botany Ranchi University & Indian Botanical Society 21/10/ 2016 to 23/10/2016

39. National Conference on Fungal Biotechnology Birla Institute of Science Research & MSI, Jaipur 16/11/2016 to 18/11/2016

40. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Fungal Biology and Plant Protection Mycological Society of India & Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 16/02/2016 to 18/02/2016

41. International Conference on K.U, Warangal (UGC) 28/01/2016 to Emerging Biotech. 30/01/2016

42. Plant Diversity: Challenges in Conservation and Sustainable Utilization K.U, Warangal (UGC) 4/2/2016 to 6/2/2016

43. Asian Mycological Congress Asian Mycological Association & M S I, Goa University 7/10/2015 to 10/10/2015

44. ii) Plant Taxonomy: concepts and Changing trends GDC Wanapathy (NASI) 08/08/2016 to 09/08/2016 45. Etc… are Attended and Presented Papers

Membership in societies:

 IPS, IBS, MSI, ISCA, ISMPP etc. Scientific Societies Life Member, EC member of MSI, Central zone Councillor IPS, IARI, New Delhi.


 Young Scientist Award from ISMPP at BHU, Varanasi, UP, India 2012

Young Botanist -Dr.Y S Murty Award from Indian Botanical Society 2013

Associate Fellow of MSI-2018

Fellow of IBS-2019

Books published:

BSc-Botany I year by Telugu Academy, Govt. of Telangana E/M & T/M

BSc-Botany II year by Telugu Academy, Govt. of Telangana E/M & T/M

BSc-Botany III year by Telugu Academy, Govt. of Telangana E/M & T/M

-Springer Book Chapters in 3 Books

Papers published:

 1. Medicinal plants for human health and welfare Annals of Phytomedicine 5 (1): 24 - 34

2. Endophytic hyphomycetous fungi associated with some medicinal plants from Telangana state, India Indian Phytopath 69 (2), 169 - 172

3. Myxomycetes: the forgotten fungilike living organisms from India Kavaka 47: 35 - 41

4. New Additions to the Fungi of India Indian Phytopathology 69 (1): 93 - 96

5. Antimicrobial and Antifungal activity of Leptogium javanicum Mont. and Usnea ghattensis Awasthi International Journal of Modern Chemistry and Applied Science 3 (3): 444 - 445

6. Ectomycorrhizal fungal association with Some plantations of Araku valley area, Andhra Pradesh, india Journal of Indian Botanical Society 95 (3 & 4), 265-270

7. Fungi occurring on diversified habitats Around some sanctuaries and water-bodies of Telangana and andhra pradesh, india Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences 2 (5), 518-528

8. Hyalocephalotrichum, a new hyphomycetous genus from India Journal of Mycollogy and Plant Pathology 41 (4), 589-591

9. A New Synnematous Hyphomycetous Fungus - Bhadradriella Gen. Nov. from India Mycol Plant Pathol 41 (2), 238-240

10. Custingophora lignicola sp. nov. and Chaetopsina indica sp. nov. from India J Mycol Pl Pathol 41 (1), 6-10

11. Ulocladium gpagarwalii and U. lignicola two new sp. nov. from Andhra Pradesh. Indian Phytopathology 62 (2), 237-239

12. Mycofloristics of Some Forest Localities in Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, India Nelumbo 54, 239-251

13. Effect of some plant leaf extracts on the Growth and sporulation of Journal of Indian Botanical Society 95 (3 & 4), 277-282 two pathogenic Fungi

14. Soil fungi from Andhra Pradesh, India The Journal of Indian Botanical Society 93 (1and2), 16-34

15. Parasitic fungi of some forest plants from Telangana state, india Indian Journal of Botanical Society 94 (3 & 4), 257-261

16. Some Myxomycetes from Telangana state, India Indian Phytopath. 70 ((3)), 381-383

17. Spegazzinia saccardodemataceous Hyphomycete from India Journal of Indian Botanical Society 96 (3), 229-233

18. Role of Phosphate solubilizing Fungi and Microbes for sustainable Agriculture and agroforestry KAVAKA 48 (2), 33-40

19. Biodiversity, substrate relationship and distribution of Lichens from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India Indian Phytopathology 70 (3), 347-352

20. Phylloplane fungi of Vitex negundo linn. The Journal of Indian Botanical Society 96 (1and2), 82-87

21. Studies on AM fungal association with Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek from Telangana, India. Journal of Mycopathological Research 55 (3), 237-241

22. New additions to macrofungi of Telangana State, India The Journal of Indian Botanical Society 96 (1and2), 70-75

23. Some plants for human health from Telangana State, india Journal of Indian Botanical Society 96 (1&2), 118-121

24. Studies on AM fungal association with Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek from Telangana, India J. Mycopathol, Res. 55 (3), 237-241

25. Fungi Associated with non rhizosphere soil, rhizosphere soil and rhizoplane of Vitex negundo from Telangana kavaka 49, 59-64

26. First report of white rust disease on Portulaca Olaracea l. caused by Albugo portulacae (Dc.ex. duby) Kuntze from India The Journal of Indian Botanical Society 97 (3 & 4) 158-159 27. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with reference to different cultivars of Sesamum indicum L. Indian Phytopathology 72: 1-6

28. Biology of Handedness in Fungi Asymmetry in Plants: Biology of Handedness, 69-74

29. Diversity, Ecology and Utilization of Soil Fungi: Indian Scenario Advancing Frontiers in Mycology & Mycotechnology , 95-116

30. Role of Microbes and Fungi in Plant Disease Management Microbial Antagonism. p 1-30

Vakulabaranam SunithaGovt.City.College(Botany)Nayapul,Hyd

International Webinar

1.Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Special Reference to Covid-19-Amar Singh college-Srinagar,J&K-28thJuly,2020

2.VOICES UNHEARD:Breaking the Silence-Osmania UniversityHyd,Telangana-03rdto5thSeptember,2020

National Level Faculty development program

1.FDP-Collaboration with spoken Tutorials,IIT Bombay By Govt Degree College,Khairthabad,Hyd

23rd to 27th July,2020

2.FDP-Digital Teaching ToolsBy Govt City College,Nayapul,Hyd29th June to 5thjuly,2020


1.Immunization Formalities to unveil the potential immunogens of SARS Cov-2 by Govt City College,Nayapul,Hyd-5/5/2020

2.Education and Role of Learning post-Covid19 by Tie Talks(Education Sector)-5/5/2020

3.Impact of Covid 19 on Socio economic conditions in india by Govt City College,Nayapul,Hyd-7/5/2020

4.Teaching and learning of Physics-post covid-19 scenario by Govt City College,Nayapul,Hyd-12/5/2020

5.Sars Cov-2 and Covid'19 by Govt City college,Nayapul,Hyd-13/5/2020

6.Covid-19 Impact on women’s psychological and physical health by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-14/5/2020

7.Levels of Awareness in chemistry by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-16/5/2020

8.Pandemic impact on digitalization of Higher education psychological and Nutritional management by Govt City college,Nayapul,Hyd-16/5/2020

9.Teaching learning language skills by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-7/7/2020

10.The role of media during Global Pandemics by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-18/7/2020

11.Trends and opportunity in travel and tourism industry-post covid perspective by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-23/7/2020

12.Artificial Intelligence in healthcare special Reference to covid pandemic by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-28/7/2020

13.Introduction to IPR and Importance of Incubation centre in engineering college by Mahaveer Institutions ,Hyd-6/8/2020

14.Online educational resources for learning Teaching and research by Sathavahana University-10/8/2020

15.Telugu BashaDinosthavam by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-29/8/2020

16.Hindi maeBhavishy by Govt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-19/9/2020


1.Telugu Bashadinothsavam byGovt city college,Nayapul,Hyd-29/

A.Sheba Rani  (Assistant Professor of  Botany)Govt. City  College (A), Nayapul, Hyderabad.

 National Level Faculty Development Program’s attended:

  • Five Days National Level Online Faculty Development Programme on "Techniques in Enhancing Teaching & Learning Skills" organized by (Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam) from 15th June 2020 to 19th June 2020
  • Five Days International Online "Mind Buzz on PC" organized by PG & Research Department of Computer Science (Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam) from 22nd June 2020 to 26th June 2020
  • National Level One Week Faculty Development Program on “Digital Teaching  Tools” from 29.06.2020 to 05.07.2020 organized by IQAC Cell, Department of Commerce & Department of Computer Science and Applications Government City College (A), Hyderabad
  • Seven Days Faculty Development Programme on "ICT Enabled Education  - Teaching Learning and Evaluation" (Organized by Examination branch, Nizam College (A), Osmania University, Hyderabad Telangana) from 13 - 19 July 2020

Webinars attended.

  • International Webinar on "Life Sciences" organized by (Govt Arts College) 22 to 24th June 2020.
  • Webinar on "Teaching and Learning Language Skills" organized by (Govt. City College (A), Hyderabad) 07.07.2020
  • National Webinar on "Post Covid19: Sustainable Environmental Management" organized by (Govt. City College (A), Hyderabad) 24.07.2020
  • National Webinar on "National Educational Policy - 2020 : Implementation and Challenges in Higher Education" organized by (IQAC, Govt. City College(A), Hyderabad & Don Bosco Collegen Yelagiri) 13.08.2020
  • Webinar on "New Education Policy - 2020" (All India Federation of University and College Teachers' Organizations (AIFUCTO), India) on 17.08.2020

Dr.K.Sudha Rani (Botany),Govt. City College, Nayapul,Hyd.


  1. “Avenue of Microbiology”- SIWS,College(W), Mumbai-20/6/2020.
  2. “Phototherapeutics- Immunobooster to Combat bacterial & viral diseases” AMS, Hyd . 29/06/2020.
  3. “Strengthen your Immune system through Herbal Plants”- SVKP(W.G), A.P. 4/7/2020.
  4. “Azure Cloud computing for new Generation Geeks”-SVKP (Penugonda),A.P.6/7/2020.
  5. “Teaching Learning Language Skills”-GCC,Nayapul,Hyd. 7/7/2020.
  6. “BharatiyaNruthya SangeethaSamalochana, (WEC), GCC, Nayapul, Hyd. 8/7/2020.
  7. “Impact of Climate changes on Horticulture & Agriculture in the present Scenario” AnwarulUloom College, Hyd. 13/7/2020.
  8. “ National Education Policy-2020 Implementation & Challenges in Higher Education”, IQAC, GCC, Nayapul, Hyd. 13/8/2020.
  9. “Telugu BashaDinosthavam”- GCC,Nayapul, Hyd. 29/8/2020.

Dr. K. Sudha Rani(Botany), Govt. City College, Nayapul, Hyd.

FDP’s(Faculty development programm)

  1. “Online Teaching, Learning & Assessment in Higher Educatio”- University college for women Koti, Hyd. 25thjune to 1stJuly2020.
  2. “Digital TeachingTools”-Govt. City College, Nayapul, Hyd. 29thJune to 5th July2020.
  3. “Sustainability of Institutions of Higher Learning in the Context of Covid- 19, Challenges & Perspectives”-GDC Narsampet, Warangal.6th  July to 11th July.
  4. “ICT Enabled Education- Teaching, Learning& Evaluation”-Nizamcollege,Hyd. 13th July to 19th July2020.
  5. “CapacityBuiliding& Skill Enhancement for Hegher Education Teachers”- GDC (W) Nampally,Hyd.20th July to 25th July2020
  6. “ICT& Online Teaching in Higher Education Institutions”-Pingle GC(W), Warangal-26thJuly to 31st July2020.
  7. “The Role of a Teacher in Nation Building”- keshavmrmorial Institute of Commerce & Sciences(MHRD),Hyd.3rd Aug to 9th Aug2020.


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        OU Campus, Hyderabad   Univ. of  Madras,                     Botanical Survey of India           Dept. Of Botany  

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