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Our Library has been providing the following services to the patrons.


1. Circulation/Books Lending Service
2. Reference Service
3. News Paper Clipping Service
4. Career & Competitive  Examination Guidance
5.  Library Blog
6.  Mobile Alert service ( through Whatsapp)
Brief description of Library Services as follows.
Circulation//Books Lending Service:
The circulation section is responsible for the following items of the work:
i. Registration of readers
ii. Issuing and return of books and other reading materials
iii. Reservation of Books
Our Library follows Open access system which allows readers to full access into the library. The readers could identify books of their requirement and use more effectively.
Membership:  All the bonafied Students, teaching staff members and non teaching staff are eligible to borrow the books from library. Users are identified in 3 categories on the basis of their privileges. Membership Validity is up to the period of study for students and for the faculty and staff during their service at college. .
Book Issue System: The borrower has to present his/her identity card for the issue of books. He/She  then is allowed to pickup any book/documents of his/her choice from the stock room, which is related to his/her subject or field. . 
        a. Book Lending Service: The books available in the library can be issued to the faculty members and students of their interest. Depending on the availability of books in the library, certain number of books may be issued to the students and faculty members.
  i)  General Issue: In this all the text books are issued to staff members and students as per the  predefined privileges as shown below.
Membership  Category
Books Allowed (Max)
One Semester
15 days
15 days

 ii) Overnight issue: Books which are in much demand, less number of copies and costly books will be issued to the user at the time closure of the Library with                  instruction to return at the time opening of the library in next working day.
 iii) On Campus issue:  In this, a book can be borrowed and returned on the same day.
       b.      Periodical Lending Service: Normally the periodicals and reference books will not
be issued out of the library. However, our library allows to borrow the back issues of periodicals to students and faculty members for one week.
 Reference Service:
Reference service is considered as the heart of library services. Reference service is a process of establishing contact between a reader and a book in a personal way. The librarian tries to assists the reader in finding the book or information which he wants.
News Paper Clipping Service:
Every day the newspapers are containing very important news in special edition on various subjects and college activities which are very useful to the readers. Depending on the usefulness of the information available in the newspaper, it may be cut/photocopied and arranged subject wise and kept in the library files for the use of readers.
           Career & Competitive Exam Guidance:
Awareness programme on Career development, PG Entrance Examinations and Competitive Examinations are organised to the final year students by the library in association with career Guidance Cell every year.
           Library Blog:
A digital platform of Library. It displays latest information, notifications regarding Education, Career and Competitive examinations. And also soft copies of previous question papers and Syllabus, etc. are made available 24*7 and 365 days.
Mobile Alert service (Whatsapp):
Users are informed about the College and Library activities/services, important notifications such as Exam fee, scholarship applying dates, Examination time tables, etc. to the students and staff through Whatsapp.
Library Automation:

The college library automation is under process with NewGenLib software. 

Previous Question papers: The Library provides the soft copies as well as printed form of question papers for the benefit of the user community.

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