Faculty Registered for Ph.D ongoimg research

Ongoing research-PhD registration in OU Hyderabad2016- onwards-21

1R.Karuna, Asst prof of Commerce,

2.K.KistaihAsst prof of Political science.

3 R.Shobha raniAsst prof of English,

4.R.Karuna  librarian,

5. P.Suresh babu  Ast prof of Botany

6.G.Amaravathi ,asstprof of commerce

7.K.GeethanjaliAsst prof of Biotechnology

8.Ramchander. Asst prof of Microbiology

9.I.Vani, Asst Prof of Chemistry

10.Raghavender rao, Asst Prof of Telugu

11.Y.Praveen Kumar,Asst prof of English

12.G.Saday Kumar, Asst prof of Zoology


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