About The College

 GDC Dharpally is one of the result oriented best colleges in Nizamabad district, established in 2013. The college is situated in a lush green forest area about a kilomiter away from beautiful Dharpally town. The college has B.Sc (MPCS)  E/M,B.Com (Computer Applications)  E/M &T/M along with traditional courses B.A (HEP) E/M &T/M, B.Sc (BZC) E/m & T/M.,  It is serving rural area higher educational needs. The college has highest girl students' ratio in Telangana State.    

VISION: Clarity of  Learning

By ‘learning’ we mean academic as well as practical knowledge about life. To live a meaningful life, students need both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our curriculum provides subject knowledge and practical knowledge. The institution has a vision to develop human resources of the highest order and  also insist the students contribution to the society.


Mission: providing higher education to children from rural, economically weaker sections and make them employable.

Our college has the mission to uplift the rural and economically weaker sections of the society.  As total strength of the college consists of 70% female students:

  • Elevating them through higher education is elevating the part of the suppressed section and helps them enjoy social justice and empower them by providing employment opportunity.
  • To encourage the spirit of self-reliance, accountability, autonomy and diligence in achieving global competency both in personal and professional life.
  • To contribute to all round development of the students’ personality to direct the activities of the college towards the empowerment of the deprived sections of the society.
  • To impart education in the different disciplines of knowledge.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility amongst the students as the citizens of the nation
  • The mission of the college is to further help the students to acquire comprehensive competitive skills and talents and to develop ethical values and concern of environment.



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