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                Laboratories, library and computers are upgraded as per the guidelines of syllabus issued by Telangana University. A central purchase committee invites the application for laboratory equipment up gradation, repair and maintenance. Library invites the book and journal requisition from all the faculties for various subjects in the curriculum. A central library committee is formed to address the various issues and smooth functioning. Number of computers on the campus are as per the student’s ratio and guidelines of UGC. Computers, internet service, browsing center is maintained by system administrator and IT facility maintenance in charge. Cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in class rooms and all the places through housekeeping staff. Sports complex is open to all the students. Facilities are available for various sports and is maintained by sports facility in charge. Various competitions and Annual Sports Events are organized in sports complex facility. Annual budget is allocated for the purchase, repair and maintenance and housekeeping facility. Budget is approved after scrutiny and approval of board of governance.

In addition these to following committees are framed for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities:

1. Purchase committee:- Every purchase in the college is made on the recommendation of purchase committee.

2. Physical verification committee:- Physical verification committee is constituted every year in the college. This committee physically verifies every purchase and verifies their stock entries.

3. Library committee: - Every requirement of library is given to library committee and every purchase in library is made through this committee.

4. Campus beautification committee:- This committee takes care about the cleanliness in the campus.

5. Botanical Park up keeping and maintenance committee:- This committee takes care of the Botanical park in the campus.

6. College property committee:- This committee takes care about the maintenance of college properties.

7. Water and electricity maintenance committee:- Water and electricity maintenance committee regulates the proper supply of water and electricity in the college.

 8. RUSA Project monitoring committee: - RUSA Project monitoring committee deals with funds Received under RUSA grants.

9. Bus pass attestation committee:- Students get bus fare concession on recommendation of this committee.

10.Canteen committee: - Canteen committee checks the quality of eatables in canteen and also approves their rates.

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