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The Institute library has a valuable collection of about 30,000 text & reference books, Hand books I.S. codes. About 50 nos of journals are being subscribed to Institute Library.

The library remains open from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. with one hour lunch break i.e. from 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM on all working days except on Saturday Saturday timing is from 9 AM to 1.00 PM. On Sunday and other public holidays it is closed.

All the library transactions work are being done computer as it is a automated library. Bonafide users of the institute library are :

  1. All teachers of institute
  2. All bonafide students of the institute
  3. All other employees of the institute
  1. All bonafide students must bring their Library Cards for entering into Library. They must use the Library Cards for issuing Books.
  2. All bonafide students of the institute shall be allowed to borrow up to a maximum of two books. However a final year, Under-Graduate & Post-Graduate. students may be allowed to borrow one additional book (i.e. three books at any time).
  3. All student borrowers may be permitted to retain books by them for a maximum period of 14 days without fine (the days calculated are inclusive of the date of issue.) A book issued to a student borrower may be reissued on request for two consecutive periods of 14 days each provided there is not earlier demand for the same book. At the time of renewal the book to be re-issued shall be presented physically at the library counter by the borrower personally.
  4. If a student borrower fails to return the books issued in his name on or before the due date, an overdue charge of 10 paise per day per book shall be charged up to 10 days of default. The calculation of days will include the date of return. The rate of over due charge will be increased by 50 paise per day per book for the defaulters starting from the 11th day onwards after the due date, till the date of actual return.
  5. If a student borrower fails to return any book issued in his name within 45 days from the due date, necessary steps shall be taken to recover the borrowed books or the current price of the book/books in addition to special fines as per rules. The special fines shall be charged @ 10% of the cost of the book in the maximum and may extend to 100% of the present cost of the book depending on the importance of the book which is to be decided by the library committee.
  6. Whenever the institute decides a physical stock verification of the library, the Librarian may recall all borrowers to return the books for a specified period. The manner of such recall may be decided by the institute as may be deemed proper irrespective of the preceeding rules.
  7. The account of overdue charged and similar other collections made from library users shall be maintained separately by the institute. The funds thus collected shall be utilised for the development of the library.
  8. If a student leaves the institute without obtaining clearance from the library necessary steps shall be taken by the institute to realise the dues.
  9. Books and documents which are considered rare shall not on any account be removed from the library premises.
  10. Hand books, rare reference materials, encyclopedia, ISI specification, codes and selected texts and reference books kept in the reserve section shall not be issued to borrowers but can be referred inside the library only.
  11. Journals and magazines are to be used strictly inside the library and those including old volumes shall not be issued to any borrower under normal circumstances.
  12. Private books and personal belonging should be kept in the property counter before entering into the library.
  1. A borrower who causes any damages to a book / journal may be called upon to pay such penalty as the committee decides. i.e. Five times the cost of book.
  2. If any body causes the damages to the furniture or attempts to remove from the library a book/journal that has not been duly issued to him by the authorised library staff, appropriate action shall be taken against him as per library rule, i.e. five times the cost of the book.
  3. Conversation and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  4. Borrowers are advised to inspect books issued to them at the time of issue and to call attention to any damage or defacement detected by them. Any damage or mutilation of a book noticed at the time of returning shall be ascribed to the borrower.
  5. Loss of book / journals shall be reported by the Librarian to the Library Committee.

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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