Curricular Planning and Implementation 


1.1-Curricular Aspect

1.1.1 Affliation orders ,Time table (year wise), Mentor-Mentee List ( Year Wise) View Document
1.1.2 Academic calender (Year Wise ) View Document
1.1.3 Curriculum / Evaluation / Paper Setting Orders View Document

1.2-Academic Flexibility

1.2.1 Affiliation Orders View Document
1.2.2 Certificate Course---------Permission Letters / Brochures / Certificate of Participation  View Document Certificate Course---------List of Students View Document


1.3-Curriculum Enrichment

1.3.1 Syllabus Copies of SEC , HVPE , EVS View Document
1.3.2 MOU Letter With Industry / Curriculum / Syllabus View Document
1.3.3 No of Students-Field work / Project Work / Inter-ship list View Document

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