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Devarakonda, situated in a backward, rural region with a tribal background, is a historical place chiefly known for its fort in the drought-prone district, Nalgonda of Telangana. Though it is 107 kms away from Hyderabad, the state capital and 56 kms away from Nagarjuna Sagar Dam on river Krishna, it is a typical rural village with limited resources and scope to change fast in tune with global trends.  Many people of the area belong to the marginalized sections of the society and their agricultural, commercial, professional, occupational and economic activities mostly depend on the vagaries of nature. The local education committee has had a healthy tradition of taking care of the educational needs of the people at various levels - primary, secondary and tertiary.  As a result, in 1981-82 Late Sri Munagala Kondal Rao, the then President of the Vidya Committee, Devarakonda and a senior advocate, affectionately known as the ‘Devarakonda Gandhi’, donated benevolently an amount of Rs. Two lakhs by selling off the front portion of his house towards the mandatory corpus fund to establish a Government Degree College with the mission of providing education for emancipation of the backward, tribal region.  As a token of gratitude for the selfless service of Sri Munagala Kondal Rao, the institution has been named after him.


Munagala Kondal Rao Government Degree College, Devarakonda established in 1981 - 82 had her humble beginning offering B.A. (E.H.P.) and B.Com. (General) programmes with a total strength of 60 students. It has taken nearly two decades to introduce B.Sc. (MPC) & B.Sc. (MPCs). Self Financing Restructured Courses of M.A.(English), B.Com. (Computer Applications) and B.Sc. (BZC) were introduced in 2008-09, 2012-13 &     2014-15 respectively. The strength of the institution at present is 1064.  The institution caters to the educational needs of the students of both genders who are generally first generation learners whose academic achievements at lower levels are quite below the standards expected, owing to so many factors like their deprived social, economic and ruralconditions.

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