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Mahatma Gandhi University follows the semester system. The university adopts the practice
of continuous evaluation of a student’s performance and allows the student, subject to the
regulation of credit requirements, to progress at a pace suited to his /her individual ability and
convince. The instructor is responsible for internal evaluation of the student and the office of
the Controller of Examinations conducts the semester -end examination. Each course has a
certain credit hours assigned to it depending on the number of lectures, tutorials and practical
work hours in a week. Normally one credit is equivalent to  one hour lecture per week per
semester. The minimum number of class hours for a course of three credit hours in a
semester is,therefore, appx. 48.If a course is taught by more than one instructor, one of the
instructors will coordinate that course.
Grading System
Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda, Telangana rules and regulations for the
three Year Undergraduate Programme of Faculties of Science, Social Sciences,
Arts, Commerce w.e.f Academic Year 2016 – 17.
Mahatma Gandi University Grading
The grading system table is given below for UG program:
Grade % Marks range Grade Point
O 85 to 100 10
A+ 70 to < 85 9
A 60 to < 70 8
B+ 55 to <60 7
B 50 to < 55 6
C 40 to < 50 5
F <40 0

Website: https://mguniversity.ac.in/
MGU Mahatma Gandhi University UG Evaluation
Theory Examinations
20% marks : continuous assessment (internal assessment/assignments)
80% marks : semester-end examination. 
The pass marks in each paper are 40%. There is no separate pass mark
for internal assessment. A candidate is required to secure a minimum of
40% of marks in the semester-end examination + internal
examination put together to pass a paper.
Practical Examination 
The pass marks for each practical paper shall be 50%. There shall be no
internal assessment test for practical/laboratory work.
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