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                                      Ragging is a heinous crime which destroys the physical and emotional confidence and leads to suicidal tendencies in students at higher educational institutes. Ragging is totally prohibited in educational institutions and anyone found guilty of ragging or abetting it either actively or passively are punishable

                                    UGC  Anti Ragging regulations of 2009 to curb ragging made Anti Ragging cell mandatory for all institutions regarding prohibition and consequences of Ragging.

                                    Ragging constitutes teasing, indiscipline, rudeness, physical abuse, psychological harm, creating fear, assault, kidnapping, molesting of any student / students to juniors/fresher’s of the institution

                                    Students found guilty of Ragging in campus or outside are liable for punishments like Debarring, suspension or be  punished with imprisonment

Objectives of Committee:

  •  To ensure compliance with the provision of UGC regulation 2009 at institute level.
  • Anti Ragging  committee will be the supervisory  and advisory committee for Ragging free campus and
  •  complaints of ragging are to be lodged by students
  • It checks classrooms, canteens and other student gathering areas
  • It designs programmes for awareness and an action plan to curb Ragging in the college and   in moulding students personalities for a better cause

Anti-Ragging Committee 2019-20                                                                                                            

1.  Dr. Rahath Khanam - Principal

2.  Smt. K. Lakshmi Prabhavathi -Assoc. Prof of History and ICC Co Ordinator – Convenor of Anti-Ragging cell

3.  Sri. J. Viswanath –Asst. Prof of Telugu and NCC Officer - Member

4.  Smt. S. Sarada Devi –Asst. Prof of Commerce and NSS PO - Member


Action plan of the committee

                                   The Anti Ragging committee of the college create awareness to students through its activities.

  • A notice of Anti-ragging committee members to whom complaints have to be lodged is circulated among students
  • College has a morning Prayer time and this is used to issue instructions against Anti-Ragging within or outside college campus
  • The Orientation Programme to freshers of all courses of B. A / B.Com and B.Sc., is a platform to create awareness/Inform students against Ragging and the severe punishments like

1.  Imprisonment of three years and a fine Rs. 50,000/- and

2.  Dismissal from college for those involved in Ragging

3.  Debarring from exams

  • The local police officials and legal cells of District courts     are invited to create awareness to students on the seriousness of Ragging as a crime and its legal  aspects
  • The personality development programmes of college inviting eminent speakers and talks on the gender issues Human values and Ethics do focus on the aspects of harassment /Ragging and its implications psychologically on the abused and abuser


  • An Orientation Programme to all the freshers or first years of 2019-20 Academic year of B.A/ B.com/B.Sc.,  courses was held in the month of September. Principal Dr. Rahat Khanam and teaching faculty of all courses participated in the programme.Anti-Ragging cell members had clearly explained the issue of Ragging among students as a serious offence and advised them to complain of any ragging by their seniors in or outside the campus to the Anti Ragging cell.
  • The Local C.I of Devarakonda Sri. Adi Reddy visited college and interacted with the students on . He advised students against Ragging, Eve-teasing and other abuses and warned of the punishments to the offenders, He advised students to study and develop skills to reach their goals in life. Students interacted with him and cleared their doubts. Principal Dr. Rahath Khanam and staff thanked the official for his inspiring talk.
  • The Police Department of Telangana Govt had prestigiously initiated   the “SHE TEAMS” project to check Eve Teasing   in the State. The Local police men and women in disguise camp nearby to college and keep an eye on the eve teasers as well as students indulging in Ragging. She TEAMs have a mobile number to receive  complaints

ANTI-RAGGING Cell 2020-2021:

                        Anti-Ragging committee was formed for the Academic Year 2020-2021. With the following members

1.  Dr. Ch. Ramaraju  - Principal (FAC)

2.  Smt. K. Lakshmi Prabhavathi -Assoc. Prof of History and ICC Co Ordinator – Convenor of Anti-Ragging cell

3.  Sri. J. Viswanath –Asst. Prof of Telugu and NCC Officer - Member

4.  Smt. S. Sarada Devi –Asst. Prof of Commerce and NSS PO - Member

5.  Smt. K. Swarna Latha –Lecturer in Library Sciences and In-charge of Physical Education -  Member

6.  Student member

7.  Student Member

ACTIVITIES OF 2020 – 2021:

  • The Academic year 2020-2021 started late due to pandemic and classes to students was on-line mode. Students visited Campus during the DOST Admissions and were informed about   Anti-Ragging cell in the campus and complain to it of any Harassment by seniors.
  • The Orientation Programme to Students was conducted on virtual mode by the Department Heads  and the faculty for  I year B.A./B.Com
  • ember first week 2020 after the  online classes were started by the  University. Students were introduced to Anti-Ragging cell and its objectives.
  • The NCC officer and NSS POs of the college   enforce discipline to cadets and volunteers through various programmes. This helps students to be oriented and  friendly,  reducing  the Ragging tendencies among them.
  • An Awareness programme on “Information Technology Act and safety of youngsters against cyber crime” organised by WEC and ICC  of the college with Gramya Resource Centre, DVk. Dr. Rukmini Rao and her team addressed the students by Virtual Mode.Cyber Crime also a sort of Ragging or Harassment is addressed by this programme. It created awareness among youngsters both male and female students against cyber crime and describing laws for Protection and also punishments to offenders.

    Finally, the online mode of teaching ,social distancing, absence of physical presence in the college campus has again resulted in zero Ragging complaints.

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