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  1. Name of the Department  :  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
  2. Year of Establishment      :  1981-82
  3. Names of Interdisciplinary  Courses & the departments(Units) involved     :  B.A., B.Com. B.Sc. I, II & III (Year)
  4. Annual/ Semester/ Choice based credit system(Programme wise) :Semister
  5. Participation of the department : The department involves in the courses offered by  programsrelating to Games other departments  and Sports for the students B.A., B.Sc., B.Com.
  6. Number of teaching posts          : 01
  7. Name of the Lecturer : K. SWARNALATHA (Incharge)
  8. Details on student    : Internal Games with in     the campus, Yuvatharangam. 


  1. Participation in Institutional      :  Aids awareness programme,

     Social Responsibility (ISR) &        red ribbon club, NCC, NSS,

Extension activities                      Clean & Green and Plantation





                                                There are numerous factors that affect              

                         the achievement and maintenance of    a health   and

 active life style. 

  • To help students move in a skillful and effective manner in all the physical education programmes.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of movement between the youth so that their lives may become more meaningful, purposive and productive. 
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of certain scientific principles concerned with movements. 
  • To develop through the medium of games and sports, interpersonal relationships.
  • To develop the various organic systems of the body so that they will expand in a healthy way to the increased demands place to them.
  • Mental health and efficiency
  • Social moral character
  • Emotional expression and control
  • Interpretive develop





                                          The department of physical education is   

                   having huge  play ground of in which different games and

                  sports are being played.

                 The following play courts are being maintained.

  • Volley Ball Court
  • Tennikoit
  • Badminton Court (Out Door)
  • Kho-Kho
  • Kabaddi
  • Table Tennis
  • Foot Ball Field
  • Hockey Field
  • Running Track (Non Standard)
  • Indoor Games


                           The department of physical education is extending an Indoor games room for Chess and Caroms. The important asset for the department is GYM and Fitness Point for both Boys & Girls. It has a pleasant surrounding and advantage for the body acclimatization.




  • Conducted  District and Intercollegiate level tournaments
  • Organized National Sports Day
  • Organized International Day of Yoga
  • Organized Unarmed Combative techniques for Women (Self Defence Training)
  • Organized Anti Ragging Campaigns
  • Coaching for Physical Efficiency Test; for Constable and Departmental jobs
  • Conducted Intercollegiate, District  Level Sports Tournaments




  • Students are motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Students are provided TA and DA and sports kits.
  • Students are encouraged to involve in social activates
  • Students also involved in Yoga and Meditation with guidance of an expert
  • As a self defense program for women practice Boxing and Karate by Physical director.


  1. Future Plans:


  • Motivating the students to attend regular coaching camps to bag the prizes in the different competitions at All India Inter University, Zonal and State level.
  • To send proposals to funding agencies for the construction of an indoor stadium.
  • To lay Basket Ball Court.




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