Govt. Degree College for Women, Nalgonda
Events reported in 2019-20
Sl.No. Date Name of the activity Resource persons/ Guests Conducted by/ Persons involved Remarks
1 2-Jun-19 Telangana Formation Day celebrations      
2 12-Jun-19 R.Naresh, AEC & S.Rajaram, Librarian attended training on
Biometric devices at NG College Nalgonda
  Dept of Library & Information
3 17-Jun-19 Re-opening of the College      
4 17-Jun-19 Smt T.Kalyani awarded Ph.D from Osmania University Topic:Effect of callisthenic exercises and aerobic exercises and combination of both exercises on selected physical fitness variables of high school girls Dr.T.Kalyani  
5 20-Jun-19 Dr. Urooz afsan Jabeen published Chapter 4 in Human Rights Public Values and Leadershio in Health Care Policy Topic:The Healthcare Financing and Health Outcomes in Zambia Dr. Urooz Afsan Jabeen  
6 20-Jun-19 17 Biometric devices installed in the college   Dept of Library & Information
7 21-Jul-19 International YOGA day celebrations- Awareness Programme Sri S.Shankaraiah Garu Yoga Master Physical Education&NSS Units  
8 25-Jun-19 Training students of 22 Tribal Welfare Degree Colleges on Employability Skills from 25-6-2019 to 28-6-2019 (4 days) by
B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar, Asst. Prof
B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar, Asst. Prof B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar, Asst. Prof  
Sl.No. Date Name of the activity Resource persons/ Guests Conducted by/ Persons involved Remarks
1 1-Jul-19 Sri T. Bhaskar Reddy, Asst. Prof of Economics Appointed as
Vice Principal of the college
2 6-Jul-19 Placement Drive for women in collaberation with UNDP Disha- COIGN where 120 students cleared first round   TSKC  
3 8-Jul-19 Principal Dr. Ghanshyam & IQAC Coordinator B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar attended National Workshop on " Accreditation Quality Improvement and Ranking in Higher Education - Road Map Ahead" organised by TSCH, CCE & RUSA   Dr.Ghanshyam Principal & B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar IQAC Coordinator  
4 9-Jul-19 Principal Dr. Ghanshyam & IQAC Coordinator B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar attended National Workshop on " Accreditation Quality Improvement and Ranking in Higher Education - Road Map Ahead" organised by TSCH, CCE & RUSA   Dr.Ghanshyam Principal & B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar IQAC Coordinator  
5 12-Jul-19 Principal Dr. Ghanshyam &  Non teaching staff attended the
Regional workshop on e office implementation in NG College Nalgonda
  Non teaching staff  
6 15-Jul-19 Free distribution of study meterial to BZC III TM by Dept. of
  Dept. of Botany  
7 20-Jul-19 Free distribution of study meterial to BZC I TM by Dept. of
  Dept. of Botany  
8 22-Jul-19 Dr. K.Koteswara Rao & Dr.R.Srinivas Participated in T-SAT
Nipuna Live Programme
  Dept. of Telugu  
9 25-Jul-19 7 Students got 10 SGPA in 1,3,5 SEMESTERs in 2018-19   AEC  
10 25-Jul-19 Nov/ DEC 2018 results College Abstract: Sem -I result 44.21 % Sem-III result 54.83 % Sem-III result 66.85 %
University Averages Sem-I  28.97, Sem-III 27.56% Sem-V
11 26-Jul-19 DCEDRC Meeting Conducted      
12 27-Jul-19 Seminar on Indian Space and missile technology overview on
the death anniversery of APJ Adbul Kalam
Y.Sreedhar, Asst. Prof
B.S.S.P.Rajasekhar, Asst. Prof
Dept. of Physics  
13 27-Jul-19 Dr. R.Srinivas, Asst. Prof  attended workshop on " Inner
  Dept. of Telugu  
14 30-Jul-19 Essay writing competition for NSS Volunteers on the occasion of 150th birth anniversery celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi   NSS Units  
15 30-Jul-19 Awareness programme on water conservation   NSS Units  
16 31-Jul-19 Symposium on " Status of Libraries in National Educational
Policy- 2019 Draft"
Prof. S.Sudarshan Rao Dept of Library & Information
Sl.No. Date Name of the activity Resource persons/ Guests Conducted by/ Persons involved Remarks
1 1-Aug-19 Meeting of Incharges regarding guest faculty   Incharges of Depts  
2 3-Aug-19 Swachata pakhwada activities by NSS Volunteers   NSS Units  
3 3-Aug-19 Birthanniversary of Rashtrakavi Maithili Sharan Gupta   Dept of Hindi  
4 5-Aug-19 Plantation of seed balls   Dept of Botany  
5 5-Aug-19 Guest faculty interviews   Dept of Mathematics, C.S,
Telugu,Commerce, Microbiology etc.
6 5-Aug-19 Distribution of Telugu Academy Botany II to Telugu medium students Dept of Botany  
7 6-Aug-19 Professor Jayashankar 85th Birthday Celebrations   NSS Units  
8 6-Aug-19 Orientation on certificate and diplomo courses   Dr. Urooz Afsan Jabeen  
9 7-Aug-19 Awareness Programme on Environmental Protection &
Demonistration of making paper covers
Mupparapu Narender, Environmentalist Dept of Botany  
10 7-Aug-19 Celebration of National Handlooms day - Awareness Rally of students as a part of Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birthday
  NSS Units  
11 7-Aug-19 New Rusa rooms opened      
12 7-Aug-19 Bridge course to non Economics Students   Dr. Urooz Afsan Jabeen  
13 8-Aug-19 Essay writing and Elocution competitions for NSS Volunteers
as a part of Swachhta Pakhwada
  NSS Units  
14 9-Aug-19 Extension Lecture at KPMGJC Nalgonda on Personality
Development and Communication Skills in English by G.Yadagiri, Asst. Prof.
  G.Yadagiri, Asst. Prof.  
15 11-Aug-19 College students Participated in Master Orator Championship
(MOC) season4
  11-Aug-19 State level football championship at mancherial-S.Renuka got IV place    TS Foot ball Association  
16 13-Aug-19 Swachata Bharat activities by NSS Volunteers   NSS Units  
17 14-Aug-19 Workshop on preparation of Eco friendly paper bags   Dept of Botany  
18 15-Aug-19 Independence day celebrations      
19 15-Aug-19 Best Teacher Award to R.Naresh Asst. Prof by Dist. Collector   R.Naresh, Asst. Prof  
20 19-Aug-19 Meeting of Incharges regarding   Incharges of Depts  
21 22-Aug-19 Awareness Programme on TASK   TASK  
  22-Aug-19 Sana sulthana Participated in MGU Inter collegiate shuttle tournament and got IV place selected to nationals   Dr.T.Kalyani.  
22 23-Aug-19 Hon'ble MLA K.Bhoopal Reddy visited the college and
promissed to arrange 200 dual desks to students
23 26-Aug-19 T SAT Nipuna Programme by Dr.R.Srinivas, Asst prof of Telugu   Dr.R.Srinivas Asst.Prof. of Telugu  
24 26-Aug-19 Dr. Bharathi HOD Library Science donated Rs. 500 to Janaki,
college student for her beautiful paints
  S.Rajaram, Librarian  
25 26-Aug-19 Internal I to Sem III and SEM V (26 th Aug to 28th Aug)   AEC / All Depts  
26 27-Aug-19 6 students selected for T Sat Nipunsa   MANA TV Coordinator  
27 28-Aug-19 T SAT Nipuna Programme by S.Veeraiah, Asst prof of Botany   S.Veeraiah, Asst prof of Botany  
28 28-Aug-19 Extension Lecture by G.Yadagiri Asst. Prof at ZPHS  Pedda
  G.Yadagiri, Asst. Prof.  
29 29-Aug-19 Celebration of Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam- Seminar on Telugu
Bhasha - Adhyana Aavasyakatha
30 29-Aug-19 College student (2008-11 ) Sharanya completed her Ph.D in Mathematics form IIT Kharagpur   Dept of Mathematics  
31 29-Aug-19 National Sports Day Celebrations   P.D  
32 30-Aug-19 KATTA PRAVANYA , G.Pravallika got Seats in M.A Economics   Dept of Economics  
33 30-Aug-19 Rangoli competition on the theme of Immunology as a part of National level competition by Microbiology society of India   Dept of Microbiology  
34 31-Aug-19 CCE Inaugerated Virtual Class Room at the college through
digital platform
  R.Venkateswarlu Asst. Prof & other
Sl.No. Date Name of the activity Resource persons/ Guests Conducted by/ Persons involved Remarks
1 1-Sep-19 College stood 2nd in Women intake with 949 adimissions in Telangana after NTR Womens college Mahaboobnagar and 1st
in MGU affiliated colleges.
2 5-Sep-19 Teachers Day Programme- Student Seminar - Student as a
Teacher Programme
Topic: Neti Samajam lo Guru Sishya Samb Dept of Telugu  
3 6-Sep-19 Field trip to collectore by B.A students   Dr. T.Kavitha and other arts faculty
4 7-Sep-19 College students participated in MGU Inter College Cross
country ( 10 Km) Men & Women Competition
5 7-Sep-19 Telangana Bhasha Dinotsavam Seminar on " Oka Vaitalikudu
Dr. Sunki Reddy Narayana Reddy,
Famous Poet
Dept of Telugu  
6 7-Sep-19 Students Participated in Awareness Programme on Consumer rights at Collectorate Dept of Commerce  
7 11-Sep-19 Government Degree College for Women You- Tube channel
passed 100 subscribers
  12-Sep-19 College volley ball team participated in MGU inter collegiate volley ball competitions and Tejasree I-BZC selected for nationals   Dr.T.Kalyani  
8 13-Sep-19 Financial Assistance to Kaveri, B.Sc BZC III Year for Cornea
9 14-Sep-19 MANA TV -T SAT NIPUNA Presentation by MANASA  Topic:
Poverty in India
  Dept of Economics  
10 16-Sep-19 Internal -I for SEM -I      
11 17-Sep-19 Internal -I for SEM -I      
  17-Sep-19 College Kho-Kho team participated in MGU Intercollegiate Kho-Kho competitions at MGU   Dr.T.Kalyani  
12 17-Sep-19 Awareness Programme on Poshan Abhiyan Dr. B.Pulla Rao NSS Pos Unit I, II, III  
13 18-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC   IQAC  
14 19-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC   IQAC  
  19-Sep-19 Extension Lectre by T.Bhaskar Reddy Asst. Prof  at GDC Sangare T.Bhaskar Reddy, Asst. Prof Dept of Economics  
15 20-Sep-19 NSS Units Literary and games competitions      
16 20-Sep-19 Seminar on Nutrition status in adolescent girls Dist. Welfare officer Subhadra Dept of Zoology  
17 20-Sep-19 Student Seminar by Chemistry Dept   Dept of Chemistry  
18 20-Sep-19 Dr. R. Srinivas Asst. Prof of Telugu Attended workshop on
Ancient Telugu Literature" at Mysore from 16-9-2019 to 20-9- 2019
19 20-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC      
20 21-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC      
  21-Sep-19 Paper published by R.Venkateswarlu Asst. Prof in
ScienceDirect Topic: Synthesis and characterization of (1- x)Ba(No3)2: x ZrO2 composite solid electrolyte
R.Venkateswarlu, Asst Prof R.Venkateswarlu, Asst Prof  
21 21-Sep-19 Best Teacher Award to R.Venkateswarlu , Asst. Prof. by
Akshara Foundation at Suryapet
Dr. Koyi Koteswara Rao, Asst. Prof.    
22 23-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC      
23 23-Sep-19 Dr. Aparna Chaturvedi attended National Seminar at Nizam
College and presented a paper.
24 23-Sep-19 Freshers Day Programme by Commerce Dept   Dept of Commerce Dept  
25 24-Sep-19 Field trip by Life science students to Krushi Vignana Kendram, GKVK Gaddipally Scientists Dept of Botany  
26 24-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC      
27 25-Sep-19 Hindi Divas   Dept of Hindi  
28 25-Sep-19 NSS Day Celebrations   NSS Pos Unit I, II, III  
  25-Sep-19 College Kabaddi  team participated in MGU Intercollegiate Kabaddi competitions at MGU and Renuka ,Madhavi BZC-I selected for nationals      
29 25-Sep-19 Freshers Day Programme by  Science students   Dept of Mathematics, Physics, CS  
30 26-Sep-19 Extension Lectre by Dr. Aparna Chaturvedi at GDCW Sangaredddy Dept. of Hindi  
31 26-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC      
32 27-Sep-19 Sri Konda Laxman Bapuji Jayanthi   Dept of Telugu & Other Depts  
33 27-Sep-19 Bathukamma Festival In College   All Depts  
34 27-Sep-19 Freshers Day Programme by  B.A students      
35 27-Sep-19 IQAC awareness Programme on NAAC      
36 30-Sep-19 Retirement of Sri P.V.Laxminarayana, Lecturer in Botany   Principal & Office  
Sl.No. Date Name of the activity Resource persons/ Guests Conducted by/ Persons involved Remarks
1 1-Oct-19 Mid Term Vacation ( From 29-9-2019 to 9-10-2019 )      
  2-Oct-19 Madhavi from BZC-I participated National Kabaddi championship at Chennai       
2 11-Oct-19 Sri G.Ezikiel Asst. Professor of Chemistry of the college passed
3 11-Oct-19 College Students got Top ranks in University      
4 12-Oct-19 Funeral of Sri G.Ezikiel Asst. Professor of Chemistry      
5 14-Oct-19 Vacation extended from 14-10-2019 to 19-10-2019 due to
strike of TSRTC employees
6 21-Oct-19 Lalitya, B.Sc MPCS-II Mana TV Presentation student as a
Topic: Naruda Oh Naruda K.Koteswara Rao, Asst. Prof. of
7 23-Oct-19 Prayer meeting of Sri G.Ezikiel      
8 29-Oct-19 One day workshop on Rural Community Engagement & Rural Immersion Programme K. Jhansi Rani, Programme Coordinator,
Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education
Economics Dept  
  29-Oct-19 College Chess team participated in MGU Intercollegiate Chess competitions at MGU and S.Navyasri BZC-I selected for nationals      
9 29-Oct-19 Internal exams -II   AEC/ All Depts  
10 30-Oct-19 Internal exams -II   AEC/ All Depts  
11 31-Oct-19 Internal exams -II   AEC/ All Depts  
12 31-Oct-19 Awareness Programme on Plastic less society and donation of
2000 Jute bags  to students
Lions club , J.Swamy Asst. Prof. Vice Principal, NSS P.Os, TSKC  
Sl.No. Date Name of the activity Resource persons/ Guests Conducted by/ Persons involved Remarks
1 1-Nov-19 Financial Assistance Rs.5000/- to A.Manjula D/o Bixmaiah, National Kabaddi Player by Smt. Cheraku Laxmi   Vice Principal, P.D and other staff  
  2-Nov-19 A.Manjula BZC-II was participated South zone Kabaddi tournament    Department of Physical Education  
2 3-Nov-19 Felicitation to Sri P.V. Laxminarayana, Rtd Botany Lecturer at
  Staff of the College  
3 4-Nov-19 TASK Classes on Employability & Communication Skills G.Narender Reddy, Corporate Trainer TSKC  
4 5-Nov-19 TASK Classes on Employability & Communication Skills G.Narender Reddy, Corporate Trainer TSKC  
5 6-Nov-19 Principal Dr. Ghanshyam took the membership of Indian Red cross Society on behalf of the college through her excellency Tamilisai Soundararajan, Governer of Telangana State   Principal  
6 6-Nov-19 Environmental studies internal Exam for SEM-I   AEC/ All Depts  
7 9-Nov-19 Felicitation to Sri P.V. Laxminarayana, Rtd Botany Lecturer   Staff Club  
8 11-Nov-19 Celebration of National Education day on the occasion of birth
day of Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad
  NSS I, II, III Units  
9 11-Nov-19 Meeting on CA & IMS & Website Coordinators   IQAC  
10 11-Nov-19 College timings changed to 10 AM to 4 PM in view of Practical
  Principal/ AEC  
11 11-Nov-19 Practical Examinations Started for B.Sc & B.Com students   AEC/ All Depts  
12 11-Nov-19 Best Urdu Teacher Award and cash prize Rs. 10,000 /-to Dr. Urooz Afsana Jabeen by Telangana State Urdu Acadamy   Dr. Urooz Afsana Jabeen  
13 11-Nov-19 Dr. Koyi Koteswara Rao participated in ETV Pratidhani Debate   Dr. Koyi Koteswara Rao  
14 13-Nov-19 Hon'ble Chairman, Telangana State Council, Sri Gutha Sukhender Reddy laid foundation stone for Auditorium in Government Degree College for Women, Nalgonda Hon'ble Chairman, Telangana State Council, Sri Gutha Sukhender Reddy, Hon'ble ZP Chairman Banda Narender Reddy, Hon'ble MLA K.Bhoopal Reddy, Goli Amarender Reddy, Chairman Red Cross Society, Nalgonda    
15 13-Nov-19 R.Naresh, Asst. Prof/AEC Attended one day workshop at HICC Novatel, Hitech city,Hydearabad  conducted by NASSCOM   R.Naresh AEC  
16 19-Nov-19 T SAT Nipuna Central Line Presentation Programme Physics  Dept R.Venkateshwarlu  
17 20-Nov-19 Review Meeting of RUSA at Nampally Dr.Ghanshyam & BSSP Rajasekhar    
18 20-Nov-19 T SAT Nipuna Live Presentation R.Naresh, Asst Prof of Zzoology    
19 25-Nov-19 5 Days WorShop on Translation Studies Conducted by BDL undertaking TOLIC Dr.Aparna Chaturvedi, Asst Prof of Hindi    
1 2-Dec-19 RUSA Books Meeting at RUSA Resource Centre at Nampally T.Bhaskar Redy, Asst Prof of Economics    
2 3-Dec-19 Selection Processes of Lecturers at AVM College - Sri.T.Bhaskar Reddy was Nominated by MGU T.Bhaskar Redy, Asst Prof of Economics    
3 5-Dec-19 SHE Team Awareness Programme NSS Units - I,II,III, WEC, Vice Principal & Librarian    
4 7/12/2019 - 8/12/2019 Dist Level Science Exhibition at Nalgonda  R.Venkateshwarlu    
5 10-Dec-19 CCE - T SAT Live Presentation Programme, Interference of Light Wave Front Division R.Venkateshwarlu    
6 11-Dec-19 IQAC Meeting BSSP.Rajasekhar  Team Members  
7 11-Dec-19 Faculty Development Programme Tally & GST Commerce Dept    
8 12-Dec-19 IQAC - Experience of GBFS Training of Infosis BSSP.Rajasekhar, Y.Sreedhar Reddy, G.Yadagiri    
9 21-Dec-19 IQAC - Celebration of National Energy Conservation Week Physics  Dept    
10 23-Dec-19 EDP - At Collectarate  Commerce Dept    
11 23-Dec-19 Consumer Day - Seminar Commerce Dept Dr.R.sreenivas, T.Bhaskar Reddy, Rama Rao, BSSp.Rajasekhar  
12 24-Dec-19 National Consumer Day Commerce Dept    
13 30-Dec-19 CCE: efile Management System - For all Staff of GDCs, Live with Gajendra Babu & Naveen Chandar Raju Gajendra Babu and Naveen Chandar Raju All the Staff of the College  
14 30-Dec-19 AQAR Submitted BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator    
15 31-Dec-19 Celebrated EBSB day, Students shared the information on Culture, Food Habits, Festivals, Dances, Education and Agriculture of Haryana State      
1 2-Jan-20 Discussion with all the Faculty members about Academic Audit and CAIMS       
2 2-Jan-20 CCE: CA and IMS Training Session for Staff of GDCs ; Live with Naveen Chandar & Gajendra Babu Gajendra Babu and Naveen Chandar Raju All the Staff of the College  
3 3-Jan-20 Conducted Savuthri Bayi Pule 189th Birthday Celebrations  Dept. of Telugu    
4 4-Jan-20 Field Trip to Warangal      
5 6-Jan-20 Staff Council Meeting  Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal    
6 6-Jan-20 T-SAT Nipuna live Presentation on " Coordination Compounds' Student as Teacher Program       
7 8-Jan-20 Discussion of The Action Plan for the activates of the EBSB at Rusa Lab at 1 PM      
8 8-Jan-20 Eco club activity - Arranged Squirrel feed tins from vestigial bottles and plastics Zoology Dept    
9 8-Jan-20 Conducted Kavi Tho Mukhamukhi Programme Telugu Department    
10 8-Jan-20 Brainstorming session to II nd year students visual learning techquines Physics Department    
11 9-Jan-20 Pledge on Swachhata/Single use Plastic/Water saving National Unity in the Language of Haryana  EBSE Club    
12 9-Jan-20 Sparrow Nets by Dept of Zoology R.Naresh    
13 9-Jan-20  Conducted Poetry Writing Slogan writing Competitions this Occasion Aparna Chaturvedi    
14 9-Jan-20 International Hindi Day was Celebrated Aparna Chaturvedi    
15 9-Jan-20 Conducted Student Seninor for Urdu Students Dept. of Urdu    
16 10-Jan-20 T-SAT Nipuna live Presentation on " Constuctors - C++" to the students Computer Science and Apllications I year (II Sem)       
17 10-Jan-20 Mehendi Competition      
18 10-Jan-20 IQAC Executive committee meeting BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator    
19 11-Jan-20 Academic Audit  Dr.Rahath Khanam,Principal NG College & Srinivas, Asst. Prof. in Chemistry    
20 18-Jan-20 T-SAT Nipuna live Presentation on ' Joint Stock Company '(Student as Teacher Program) to the Students Commerce       
21 18-Jan-20 7 Students of our college have taken an online exam from Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay. S.Raja Ram, Librarian    
22 25-Jan-20 NVD(National Voters Day )-Pledge      
23 25-Jan-20 T-SAT- Live presentation on NAAC - Content Management System' to all the teaching and Non Teaching Staff Working in the GDCs Gajendra Babu and Naveen Chandar Raju    
24 25-Jan-20 IQAC Meeting on Quantitative Metrics BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator T.Bhaskar Reddy, Asst Prof ; Dr.K.Venkata Krishna, Asst Prof ; Dr.Rapolu Sreenivas Vice Principal  
25 26-Jan-20 Celebrated Republic Day in our College      
26 26-Jan-20 Staff Received the Best Employee award  BSSP.Rajasekhar,Asst Prof ; Smt.Sultana Begum,Superintendent ; Smt Kusuma, Store Keeper ; Vasundhara,     
27 27-Jan-20 IQAC Meeting on DVV Process BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator R.Nareah, Asst Prof ;Dr.K.Srinivasa Reddy, Asst Prof ;Y.Sreedhar Reddy, Asst prof  
28 27-Jan-20 College Level Quiz Competitions       
29 29-Jan-20 College Level Yuvatharangam Competitions      
30 30-Jan-20 EBSB Club - Learning Haryana Language with the Coordination of Dept. of HINDI      
31 30-Jan-20 Cluster Level Cultural and Literacy Event Programs      
32 30-Jan-20 Food Festival Organised by EBSB      
33 31-Jan-20 BEBSB Ciub organised food festival with 9 telangana recepies & 3 haryana recepies      
34 31-Jan-20 Distribution of Manmadha Awards for  2017-18 and 2018-19 for BZC students who secured First and Second mark in their Academic Exams.      
1 3-Feb-20 Awareness Program on '' CAREER AS A COMPANY SECRETARY '' Organized by Dept of Commerce      
2 3-Feb-20 Aparna Chatuevedi, Dept of Hindi      
3 3-Feb-20 NAAC Awareness Program at KNM GDC, Miryalaguda  BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator    
4 3-Feb-20 Extension Lecture at KNM GDC, Miryalaguda BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator    
5 5-Feb-20 ISO Officials Visited Our College      
6 6-Feb-20 Our College Stuednts Participated " Mission Sahasi " at N.G College, Nalgonda Dr.T.Kalyani, Physical Director    
7 7-Feb-20 Video Conference at District Collectorate on ISO Issue      
8 7-Feb-20 Field Trip to Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad. R.Naresh, Dept of Zoology    
9 8-Feb-20 ISO Certification Presentation at Hyderabad, Principal Dr. Ghanshyam received the ISO Certificate Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal    
10 8-Feb-20 Telugu Conference at NG College Nalgonda, GDCW Telugu Department Lecturers are Participated       
11 8-Feb-20 Yuvatharangam Competions       
12 10-Feb-20 HUDAI AURA Car relise at GDCW, Nalgonda Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal    
13 10-Feb-20 Yuvatharangam Competions - Our College Students Won the First Match of KABADDI      
14 13-Feb-20 Observed Silence in our college today commemorate the martyrs of fulwama attack      
15 15-Feb-20 Hindi Jignasa  winners GDC(W) Nalgonda at Pottisriramulu Telugu University, Nampally Hyderabad      
16 15-Feb-20 Conducted awareness program for the preparation of Competitive Examinations on 15.02.2020 in Rusa Lab  Sri.Yedukondalu, Excise CI    
17 15-Feb-20 Dr.Ghanshyam, Principal interacted with Kashmeeri youth at NKY, Hyderabad. Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal    
18 15-Feb-20 Dr.Urooj Afshan Jabeen participated at Co ordination meeeting at TS Urdu Academy Dr.Urooj Afshan Jabeen    
19 17-Feb-20 MSTC members are attended the meeting at principal's chamber to identify the Scrap and E-wastage etc.      
20 17-Feb-20 Conducted Ist Internal Examination.      
21 18-Feb-20 Conducted Ist Internal Examination.      
22 19-Feb-20 Conducted Ist Internal Examination.      
23 20-Feb-20 A meeting was Conducted with Mentors and Class representatives at RUSA Lab. BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator    
24 20-Feb-20 Fermented Food Fest Conducted by the Dept. of Microbiology  Smt.Deva Vani, Asst Prof of Microbiology    
25 21-02-2020 & 22-02-2020 Principal Dr.Ghanshyam and Sri.BSSP Rahasekhar, IQAC Coordinator participated at ''World Educational Summit'', Hyderabad. Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal & BSSP Rajasekhar    
26 21-02-2020 & 22-02-2020 Principal Dr.Ghanshyam sir recevied the Outstanding Principal Award at World Educational Summit, Hyderabad. Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal & BSSP Rajasekhar    
27 24-Feb-20 Extension Lecture given by Md.Quasim Ali Baig, C.L in Urdu at GDC, Jagityal Md.Quasim Ali Baig, C.L in Urdu    
28 24-Feb-20 Plantation of Medical Plants ( Aloevera, Scasveria etc ) in our College by Dept. of Botany. Dr.N.Chandra Babu, Asst Prof of Botany, KRR GASC Kodada also involved in this programme Dr.Srinivas Reddy, Asst Prof of Botany Dr.N.Chandrababu, Asst Prof of Botany  
29 24-Feb-20 TAKC - TASK Programme - 42 hours training programme for saft skills communucation skills, interview skills, and prparation of resume etc for final year students Sri.Yadagiri, Asst Prof of English    
30 25-Feb-20 One day massive programme at railway station conducted by NSS Units I,II,III GDC(W), Nalgonda NSS UNITS I,II,III    
31 28-Feb-20 National Science Day was Celebrated by all the Science Departments of the College in RUSA Lab  Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal    
1 2-Mar-20 One week YOGA Training programme was conducted  Dr.T.Kalyani, Physical Director    
2 2-Mar-20 Review Meeting of IQAC and DPC Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal BSSP. Rajasekhar, IQAC Coordinator  
3 5-Mar-20 A meeting was conducted with all  Dept Incharges at Principal Chamber. Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal Incharges of all departments  
4 6-Mar-20 Awareness Program on Quantum Outbreak Disease - COVID19 casued by CORONA VIRUS  R.Naresh, Dept of Zoology All the Staff & Students of  the College  
5 6-Mar-20 Applications are invited from the students who they are intrested for Group - 1 coaching  S.Raja Ram, Librarian    
6 7-Mar-20 Womens Day was Celebrated  WEC of the College All the Staff & Students of  the College  
7 10-Mar-20 Group 1 Coaching trail class started today. S.Raja Ram, Librarian    
8 12-Mar-20 Principal was participated "One Day Rusa Sponsored national Seminar on Budgenting Sysytem in Federal Government : 2020-2021" at BJR GDC, Narayanaguda, Hyderabad. Dr.Ghanshyam,Principal    
9 13-Mar-20 Valedictory Session for Certificate Course in YOGA 10 days training was held. Dr.T.Kalyani, Physical Director    

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