Internal complaints committee plays a vital role in resolving, various issues brought to the concern of the committee through online or offline mode, the committee members have conducted some awareness programme related to Anti-ragging and have always strived hard to take up all the issues raised by students and have tried to resolve them as early as possible bringing them to the notice of chair.

                   Internal complaints and anti- ragging committee always acts according to its policy frame work or guidelines issued by the U.G.C. The committee members meet at regular interval and collect the complaint letters from the complaint box on Wednesday of every week and try to resolve all the issues mention in the letters.

                   The complaints mainly (Frist year) received are related to their academic or personal hygiene issues. Major complaints received in previous years are mainly bus pass issues and also related to nuisance created by encroachment and AUTO rickshaw parking causing inconvenience. Committee members are observant and have tried to prevent college from undue incidents of ragging and harassment by conducting awareness among the students through sticking anti-raging posters and slogans. To make the students aware of law and order situation and to motivate them in developing leadership qualities programs have been conducted for their benefit with the help of local police officers and lawyers. NSS volunteers are instructed to be observant and help in maintaining the discipline and decorum of the college intact throughout the year.

                   CC cameras installed also have been playing an important role in resolving recent student issues like theft. the issues raised by students during this pandemic period was mainly related to proper sanitization of the premises which was taken care of.




1 L. Kamala Asst. Prof of Chemistry  Co-ordinator
2 K.Devavani Asst.Prof. of Microbiology Member
3 B.Jyothi Asst.Prof.of  Chemistry Member
4 Dr.Urooj Afshan Jabeen Asst. Prof. of Economics Member
5 Dr.T.Kalyani Physical Director Member
6 M.Anitha Asst.Prof.of  Chemistry Member
7 Ch.Aruna Asst.Prof.of  Physics Member
8 Dr.Aparna Chaturvedi Asst.Prof.of  Hindi Member
9 Dr.K.Venkata Krishna Asst.Prof.of  Chemistry Member

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