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4.4.2 – Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. (maximum 500 words) (information to be available in institutional Website, provide link).

   At the beginning of the every academic year, the college constitutes various committees. The building and furniture committee will meet time to time and does the physical verification of the furniture and physical observation of the building structures regarding the breakages and damages taken place in them. A report will be prepared by them and submitted to the principal for necessary action. The equipment such as water purifiers, duplicating machine, air conditioners, inverters, UPS, Desktops, Generator and other equipment are normally maintained by the concerned departments and office staff, if any major problems arises in these equipments are rectified by the agencies to whom the AMC is given. The specific duties have been assigned to the class IV employees to look after the daily requirements and cleanliness of all wings of the college such as the Principal Chamber, Office, all departments, staff rooms, laboratories, library, classrooms, sports room, Gym and etc. One record assistant has made in-charge to monitor the work done by the class-IV employees.

       The college has taken all the safety measures and precautions regarding the electric appliances and other electronic devices present in the college. To avoid the electrical fluctuations and short circuits, the power boards are given proper earthing. All the measures are taken to avoid the frequent trips in the power supply the record assistant cum electrician belongs to the department of physics who will take care of all the safety measures of electronic devices and electrical appliances. The college purchases of the equipments required for the labs and other departments after due verification of the quotations, standards and quality of the materials from the firm ready to supply. All the instruments/equipments in the laboratories and others place are well maintained and standard operational procedures are followed whenever kept for use. The lab incharges will take care of the maintenance of the equipments. The agency to which AMCs are given will also take care of the instruments.

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