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ICT Enabled Tools

ICT Enabled Tools:

1. Projectors- 24 projectors are available in different classrooms/labs

2. Desktop and Laptops- Arranged at Computer Lab and Faculty cabins all over the campus.

3. Printers- They are installed at Labs, HOD Cabins and all prominent places.

4. Photocopier machines - Multifunction printers are available at all prominent places in the institute. There are four photostat machines available in campus.

5. Scanners- Multifunction printers are available at all prominent places.

6. Seminar Rooms- Two seminar halls are equipped with all digital facilities.

7. Smart Board- 6 smart boards are installed in the campus.

8. Auditorium- It is digitally equipped with mike, projector, cameras and computer system.

9. Online Classes through Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Google Classroom)

10. MOOC Platform (NPTEL, Coursera,  SWAYAM etc)

11. Digital Library resources

12. Virtual Classroom (Projector, Interactive Screen, Video recorder, Audio Recorder, Direct Telacast Via Internet)

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Hyderabad - 500 001.

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