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Nagarjuna Government College has well equipped science museums. They are Botany Museum, Zoology Museum and Geology Museum. The College has been maintaining them since the establishment of the college in 1956.

The Museums are free and dedicated to educating the students and public through exhibits, collections, public lectures and other programs. The college strives to provide a wide range of unique learning experiences that enhance the students understanding of the natural world.

Geology is to be studied/learned in the field only. It is not possible for any student to acquaint with all the types of Earth Materials in the classroom( i.e. Minerals and Rocks). Hence it is inevitable to collect and preserve the earth materials so that to expose/interact the student with them. The Retreat of earth materials is christened as MUSEUM.

The Zooology M useum is housedwith majority of the specimens are the collections made by the staff and students of the Zoology Department. A number of imported specimens like: Euplectella, Hyalonema, Phakelia, Chaetopterus, Basket Starfish, Lepidosiren, Protopterus, Amia, Lepidosteus, Acipencer Polypterus, Siren, Amphiuma, Poison-Arrow Frog, Phrynosoma Crotalus, European Viper, Japanese Snakes, Opossum and Dinosaurs are only a few in the long list of rare specimens.

The Botany Museum is housed with framed herbarium sheets of valuable plants collected from different parts of India are displayed. A number of local plants having medicinal importance are mounted in glass jars with their Botanical, Vernacular and sanskrit names identified as per Dhanvanthari Nighantuvu. Other important economic plant products like Cereals, Pulses, Spices, Fruits, Vegetables etc., are displayed as a part of the academic curriculum.

These museums help students to undersatnd are primarily for popularization of life sciences and earth science with the advancement and modernization of overall system of education and development of visual orientation of studies. These museums have become very essential for these subjects in the teaching and learning processes.


3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
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