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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics to stop misusing and Plagiarismin research paper presentations and study projects.

*  Plagiarism is stealing of intellectual property such as ideas, research work etc., it is a serious academic misconduct.

*  Nagarjuna Government College has constituted a committee review research paper presentations and study projects to check the Plagiarism.

*  The committee constituted forPlagiarism previous thoroughly and imposes penalties against discrepancies If made by the faculty or Scholar students.

*  The committee if find any wrong with the journals or projects can suggest disciplinary action against indiscipline.

*  Disciplinary action can be initiated within 20 days of submission of report by the committee to the principal.

*  The committee constituted checking the Plagiarism must screen the journals or projects and submit a complaint report to the principal.

The committee of Nagarjuna Government College is mainly focusing on types Plagiarism like

*  Copying of a word as it is

*  Mosaic

*  Paraphrasing

*  Idea based Plagiarism

*  Duplication Plagiarism

*  Data fragmentation

*  Text recycling and data augmentation

The committee constituted for Plagiarism also takes care of citation in the journals and insist the writer to acknowledge the source.


1. Principal

2. IQAC coordinator

3. Academic coordinator

4. Assistant professor of library science

5.Two senior faculty having Ph.D

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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