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Green Practices

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Bicycles: most of the students are using bicycles and College provides for parking the bicycles used by students.

Public Transport: Most of the students, teachers and non-teaching staffs avail public transport for commuting to and fro the college. Personal cars are provided with parking space in the parking lot around the college. College has very large area so parking space is available to all the students and visitors as well.

Pedestrian Friendly Roads: The college is surrounded by wide pedestrian walking area around the roads. Inside the college wide walking track and ramp is available.

Plastic free campus: to attain plastic free campus we started the initiative on 2 October 2014 and accelerated the programme in 2018-19 by declaring Plastic Free Wednesdays. In 2019 we too joined "swachathi hi seva" programme with the help of municipality authorities.

Paperless office: The office staffs have been provided with adequate computers and major part of the official records are maintained through soft copies with the introduction e-office programme initiated by commissionerate of collegiate education.

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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