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        The city ‘ Warangal’ was originated from ‘ORUGALLU’ .Who this Historical city was established by KAKATIYAS as their capital city ruled from 1000ADE1323A.D. Now Warangal  has been developed in to three cities i.e Warangal, Hanamkonda and Kazipet. The Warangal city was divided in to two Assembly Constiueneies1.warangal East 2.Warangal West, the Hanamkonda and Kazipet,is located in Warangal. Government Degree College under comes Warangal East.

       Warangal is the Head Quarters of Warangal District of Telangana State. It is geographically located on the main Railway line towards Hyderabad, New Delhi and Kolkata.  Warangal is a thickly populated city with middle class and below middle class people. The main source of income is generated through Agriculture which is primary occupation of the people, Permanent irrigation facilities are not yet developed. Majority of the people living in below poverty line, working as Gumastas and Private Employees with lower pay packets Hanmkonda and Kazipet are in habited by mostly employees and educated. Most of the Government and University Colleges are established in Hanmkonda, the downtown of Warangal city.

      Most of the academicians and Public representatives have been struggling a lot to provide higher education facilities in Warangal area in Government sector. Nearly 40 to 50 villages in and around Warangal o not have  degree college.

     After a long demand made by the people of Warangal and with efforts of Sri.Baswaraj.Saraiah, former Minister for B.C Welfare. The Government Degree College, Warangal was established in the year 2008 as per G.O.M.s No. 221 Dated.15-09-2008.and Communicated by the commissioner of College Education AP, Hyderabad. Proce . Rc. No 402/Admn I-2/2008-1 Dated, 18-09-2008.and also sanctioned one principal post, (a) teaching posts and 6 Non-Teaching posts in the year 2010-2012

        The present college, if it can be developed in to an Independent college building, in a separate campus, it can attract nearly hundred of the students in every year. Government degree colleges which are affiliated to universities has three objectivities.

1. Pursuit of truth (Research)

                    2. Promotion of development (Employment)

  3. Establishment of peace (Unity).

        Now the Government Degree College Warangal is slowly goining strength and provide more teaching and learning hours daily to the students. The govt of A.P has sanctioned no of posts vide G.O.M.S.40.402/Admn-I.1-2/2008 Dated.31-07-2008.The college is offering was affiliated to K.U, Warangal, the college is offering affiliated. under Graduate Programmes of B.A (History,Economics,Political,Science),Zoology,Chemistry and Maths,Physics,Chemistry) with intake admission Arts &Commerce 60+60 and Science 50+50.Now this college has been accredited with 2(f) status by the University Grants Commission New Delhi..

     Scaling up UG Education by introducing new mucvative and time relevant courses keeping in view demand and supply scenario and implementing regular vision of curriculum syllabi to keep pace with the emerging trends in Education.

      A Comprehensive faculty development Programme to encourage innovative teaching practices outcome  based on time relevant courses, self propelled growth in research and development through participation and contribution in national state seminars,symposiums,workshop and institution of Academic exchange programs/Implementation of a well defined and time bound plan of Co-operation with the net worked institutions, industries and open up avenues for institution of importance and universities abroad. A proactive effort to intensive interaction with industries through student training faculty internships, collaborative consultation and contract research activities.              

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