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About College



           The institution Government Degree College, Patancheru was established in the year 2008 by the Government of Telangana under the aegis of the Higher Education and the instution functions under the administrative control of the Commissioner of Collegiate Education. The college was established with the objective of imparting higher education to the young people in this area. Patancheru is a well-known industrial area in the State of Telangana and it is part of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and in the recent past the City has expanded at a rapid pace and hence Patancheru has become a part of the Hyderabad.

          The College offers General Education initially, Undergraduate programmes B.A., B.Com., B.Sc were offered with course combinations History, Economics and Political Science in arts,  B.Com General in commerce and  Botany, Zoology and Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Chemistry in Sciences. In due course of time, new courses have been offered in response to the demand from stakeholders. In 2017-18 B.Com Computers and B.Sc Computers were started and of late new courses have been launched in consonance with the course restructuring done by the State Higher Education Council from the academic year 2019-20 as given below.


  • BA-CBCS (E/M)-History- Economics- Political Science & Public Admn./Comp. Appl./Psychology(MOOCs)/Sociology(MOOCs)/Geography(MOOCs)/Anthropology(MOOCS)/ Journalism (MOOCS). (Intake-60)

  • BA-CBCS (T/M)-History- Economics- Political Science & Public Admn. /Comp. Appl. (Intake-60)

  • B.Com - Computer Applications (E/M)  ( Intake-180)

  • B.Com - Computer Applications (T/M)  ( Intake-60)

  • BSC Life Sciences (E/M)- Botany-Zoology-Chemistry & Computer Science (Intake-120)

  • BSC Life Sciences (T/M)- Botany-Zoology-Chemistry & Computer Science (Intake-60)

  • BSc Physical Sciences (E/M) -Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry & Computer Science (Intake 120)


Dept. of  Languages

1. English          - Dr.M.Shailaja              - Lect. In English

2. English          - M.Praveena                - Asst. Prof of English

3. Telugu           - Dr.B.Lachaiah             - Asst. Prof In Telugu

4. Telugu           - Dr.G.Srinivasa Rao      - Asst. Prof In Telugu

Dept. of Physical Sciences

1. Mathematics     - B.Rajender Kumar     - Asso. Prof In Mathematics

2. Physics             - R.H.Arthur               - Asst. Prof In Physics

3. Chemistry         - M.Venkateshwarulu  - Lect. In Chemistry

4. Chemistry         - Dr.N.Yogi Bu            - Asst. Prof In Chemistry

Dept.of Life Science

1. Botany          - D.Srihari Reddy         - Asst. Prof In Botany

2. Zoology         - G.N.Radhika             - Asst. Prof In Zoology

Dept. of Social Science

1. History                  - Dr.N.Jana Reddy       - Asst. Prof In History

2. Economics             - K.Srinivas                - Asst. Prof In Economics

3. POlitical Science     - Dr.K.Bhaskar           - Asst. Prof In Political Science

Dept. of Commerce

1. Commerce          - T.Allam Reddy              - Lect. In Commerce

2. Commerce          - Dr.L.Raji Reddy            - Asst. Proof  In Commerce

3. Commerce          - M.Veerender               - Asst. Proof  In Commerce

4. Commerce          - K.Ravindar                  - Asst. Proof  In Commerce

Dept. of Library Science

1. Librarian     - M. Chandrasekhar


1. S.Jyothi                        - Record Assistant

2. K.Srinivas Goud            - Store Keeper (OS)

3. D. Srikanth Goud          - Record Assistant (OS)

4. G.Anupama                  - TSKC Mentor

5. A.Suresh                      - Attender (OS)

6. D.Srinivas                    - Office Sub ordinate (OS)

7. Malleshwari                  - Office Sub ordinate (OS)

8. Narayana                     - Office Sub ordinate (OS)

9. Senior. Asst                  - Vacent

10.Herbarium Keeper         - 01 Vacent

11. Office Subordinate        -01 Vacent


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