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About College


           Govt.DegreeCollege, Medak (Medak Dist.) was started on 30/08/1981 with one section in Arts Faculty i.e. B.A.(History, Pub.Admin., & Pol.Sci.). Later on in the academic year 1988-89, B.A.(History, Economics & Pol.Sci.), B.Com(General), B.Sc(Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and B.Sc(Botany, Zoology, Chemistry) were introduced in the college.

             Medak town is situated about 100 kms from Hyderabad, where the famous Medak Cathedral Church of South India is located. The Cathedral is considered to be the best in South East Asia. A huge monolithic Statue of Parswanath, 23rd Jain Thirthankara was found in Kolcharam village, hardly 20 kms from Medak town. Incidentally Smt.Indira Gandhi, the then P.M. contested from Medak and won with a landslide majority.

             The establishment of the college in Medak town one of the backward districts of Telangana region became a boon for the students. Previously students used to go to far off places to pursue their UG courses.

             The college is catering to the needs of the rural students who aspire to become graduates. The college strives in achieving all round development of students particularly in the context of new challenges. Provision of quality will be the key element in all the endeavors.

             The college has sprawling 20 acres land. The college has well equipped Laboratories, State of the art computer lab, MANA T.V. room, N.S.S. room, N.C.C rooms. The college has one of the best Gymnasiums, Indoor Games room, and excellent facilities for Outdoor Sports. The college boosts of a well equipped Library, Jawahar Knowledge Centre & English Language Lab. The students make optimum use of all these facilities available in the college. The college also accommodates Dr.BRAOU and IGNOU study centers.

             The college has an efficient and effective internal co-ordination mechanism helping the smooth conduct of educational, Administrative and extra curricular activities. The college has CPDC and Staff Council for making and implementing major policy decisions related to administration and finances.

             Since the inception the college has been serving the people from rural and backward regions and stands out as a centre of excellence in providing quality education for empowerment, progress and rural development. A testimony to that effect is the placement of large number of students of this college in higher position at National & International level.

             The students of this college have excelled in various fields. Mr. Ramesh, of B.A. III year, brought Laurels not only to the college but also to the O.U. by winning the Gold Medal at the All India Universities Athletics Meet, held at  AcharyaNagarjunaUniversity, Guntur. The students of the college have not only excelled academically but also did yeomen service to the society through various programmes under the N.S.S. Mr.K.Ramesh, B.A.III year has been selected for the Inter-State N.S.S. volunteers camp held at Mizoram.

             An attempt is made in this protocol to explain different aspects, objectives vision, facilities and function of this reputed & glorious institution in the service of its students, the community around and Nation at large.

             The information given is in accordance with the format designed by NAAC. We concede that despite our best efforts, the information provided here may only give a contemporary glimpse of this legendary institution with a revered standing of about Three decades. It is hoped that the assessment and Re-accreditation by NAAC will enormously strengthen the college to qualitatively serve generations of future students in particular, the community around and the Nation in general.

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