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The college has been started by Govt. A.P. in 2008 to meet the needs of higher education for students of Cherial Mandal and 18 nearby villages.  The College is affiliated to Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana State. It is declared its 2 (f) recognition from the UGC. From the very beginning; the college is managed and funded by Govt.  of Telangana State.  The college offers three UG courses in Arts, Science, and Commerce as shown below.

Faculty of science   B.Sc : 1. Maths,Physics, Chemistry (MPC)

                                            2.Botany, Zoology, Chemistry (BZC)

Faculty of Arts      B.A :   1. Economics, Political Science, History (HEP)

Faculty of Commerce:      1. B.Com (General)

                                         2. B.Com (Computer Applications)

            The Above conventional and restructured  courses are sanctioned by affiliated university i.e., Kakatiya University, Warangal as per its admission norms.  The college has a total of 8 (Eight ) Lecturers out of them  three regular faculty, four (4) Contract and one (1) Part time lecturer working on the court order. Among the lecutrers  two have Ph.D. degree one with NET qualification.

            The college has created supporting facilities such as Library, JKC centre, grievance redresses cell, N.S.S. which are vital for securing additional inputs towards resourceful learning.

             Most of the students enrolled are hail from socially under privileged segments and belongs to first generation of Education.  Added to it this region being frequently drought- prone, abysmally, economically under empowered. Yet after the sanction of this Govt. college the ratio and women admissions is little bit more than the males which indeed is an encouraging factor. 

            Teaching and learning evaluation go in unison and become trinity of a holistic academic activity.  This institution has conceived certain novel methods along with conventional ones.  We go all out to reach them psychologically through correspondence personal visits and parents meeting along with using media i.e, local city cables and news papers.

            As said above, inter personal relations through class room interactions are regularly under taken. In order to encourage the under achievers, we hold the students after the college hours for study hours, since presently ours is only run on single session.

            Seminars, slip tests, project works, extra circular activities regular library sessions are some of the features under taken under insufficient infrastructure. All the above aim at enhancing resourcefulness and giving further exposure to the new vistas of learning. Charts, teaching aids are also used. All our teaching activity  is supplemented by supportive activities like assignments and inter college seminars. Regularly all the above are reviewed by head of the institution with specific instructions for further development.

Institutional Vision:

             To improve the quality of higher education and lead it to and a centre of excellence by maintain high standard of teaching learning process. A vision in pursuing for sustainable learning with properly empowered teaching learning evaluation paradigms.

Institutional Mission:

          Although most of the rural colleges are with conventional courses only we want to inject new dynamics in keeping the students industry friendly, and technic friendly towards better empowerment. To prepare our students to embrace the challenges of changes that new technology brings in the progress of globalization with the objective to reach out to each other.

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