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        The * MADHU MALANCHA DEGREE COLLEGE, has its origin in Pre-Primary School for tiny tots started with 16 sweet little kids in the year 1958.   It was established in the colony of Nizam Sugar Factory, Shakkar Nagar for the children of its employees on the inspiration of a Social Worker and Academician  Mrs. Bela Brahma.   Even the most optimistic person did not dream then that it would gradually evolve into a conglomeration of educational institutions imparting education at various levels to about 2500 students.

            In 1972, the School blossomed into a Junior College offering instruction in both English and Telugu media with courses in Arts, Science and Commerce.  The Nizam Sugar Factory immediately responded to the appeal of local public to start a Degree College and came forward with a generous financial grant of Rs.2,00,000/-.   Thus sparing the Madhu Malancha Degree College, in August 1975 offering courses in Arts and Commerce with both Telugu and English media of instruction, under the Madhu Malancha Education society.  The College has become an Aided College since 1981 with the Govt. Giving Grants-in-Aid to the College.

            Considering the ordeal of the students the management commenced courses in Science with Biology and Mathematics combinations in 1985.   The College became the 1st College in the District of Nizamabad to have introduced Computers in the Graduation in 1991 in tune with the changing times.   In 1997 B.Com. (Computers) and B.Sc., with Statistics also were introduced.  In 1999 BCA was added to the courses offered it continued to be a self-reliant institution as the Government Grants-in-Aid were not forthcoming for these Science Sections.

            In 2002, however the Govt. has privatised the Nizam Sugar Factory.   Consequently the Madhu Malancha Degree College, which was managed by the Nizam Sugar Factory was taken over by the Govt. On 30-07-2003.

            In Forty years, the College has certainly grown by leaps and bounds and is further willing to live up to meet the needs of changing times.   The all round development achieved is certainly satisfying, but we will not rest on our laurels and rust.   We will make our sincere endeavour and keep walking the miles with redoubled enthusiasm and unswerving dedication.

* Madhu Malancha  means Sweet Garden in Bengali.

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