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Bichkunda is located geographically at 18.24°N Latitude and 77.43°E. Longitude   It has an average elevation of 372 meters (1223 feet). Bichkunda is a mandal headquarters located in the district of Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh with over 25000 population. This town is known for its diversified culture because of its location neighbouring the borders of two states Maharashtra and karnataka. Bichkunda serves as a source for all business, medical and educational needs of the neighbouring villages. This town benefits from a government school, and higher education benefiting many students from in and around the town. It has seen major development in the recent years in the field of real estate with drastic rise in the prices of land in and around the town. Bichkunda means it is four side hills middle village that is called Bich (middle) konda (hills). Here temple is there shiva linga temple.
The Government Degree College was established in 1988 at Bichkunda which is located in very poor backward area and adjacent to two states (Karnataka and Maharashtra) in Nizamabad district .It is the only government college rendering service to the students of five mandals.(Bichkunda, Jukkal, Madnoor, pitlam and Nizamsagar).  Though the area is economically backward, but the people of this area are culturally forward in thoughts and academic interest. 
 The first Government Junior college was established in Telangana region at Bichkunda in1969 and it was inaugurated by the then Education Minister Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao. The philanthropists of this area allocated 50 acres of land only for the development of educational institutions. In 1988, then Chief Minister Sri. N.T. Rama Rao visited Bichkunda he offered one option either Degree College or APSRTC Bus depot.  Surprisingly the public demanded Degree College. Then Degree College was established and allotted 9 acres for this purpose.
In 2008 new buildings were opened for Arts and Commerce courses. In 2009 the science courses (B.Sc BZC and B.Sc MPC) were sanctioned with minimum posts of one lecturer in each subject. Presently the intake of the students in each science course is 60.
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