About College

  Govt. Degree College


NAAC Re-accredited with B Grade(2.53 CGPA)


·        To Make Globally competitive Education accessible to local People.


·        The institution’s Mission is to shape today’s men and women competent to face the Challenges of Tomorrow’s generation.

·        To achieve our mission we are committed to the Following values.

·        Honoring Innovative teaching and learning Process and technology.

·        Commitment to excellence and reaffirmation of the dictum “ Quality is action and not a virtue”.

·        To value idealism, innovation, creativity and regularly. To valuate our Programs, Practices &Progress.  

·        Determined adherence to scholarship.



·        To meet the Educational needs of downtrodden people of remote areas.

·        To Elevate intellectual qualities and to maintain healthy academic atmosphere.

·        To uplift academic, social, economic status of students.

·        To Develop the needed skills for promoting scientific temper and excellence.

·        To inculcate appropriate skills in students to meet the challenges encountered in the light of liberalization privatization and Globalization.

2.Sports and Library

•Well equipped multi-gym and Sport’s amenities provided to the students
•Centralised Library with Over 20,000 specialised and categorised books

3.Computer Lab Facilities

•Excellent Computer labs were established for JKC-ELL,B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc.

4.ManaTV Broadcasting

•ManaTV Tele Classes are regularly followed by the institution and feedback is taken from students

5.Water Supply

RO Water supply-Pure DrinkindWater Supply provided to the Students

6.Maintenance of Toilets and Equipment

•Two blocks of Toilets constructed separately for Girls, Boys and Staff
•Proper sanitization and hygiene is maintained

All the Equipments are regularly serviced and conditioned

7.Academic Calender&Academic Action Plan

•Academic Calender & Academic Action Plan designed  synchronisation of CCE Academic Calendar and Implementation is regularly Monitored
8.Lights and Fans
•Lights and fans of Class rooms and labs are regularly checked and used only working hours only for Power conservation
•Solar power supply is given to all essential Computer systems and Lights for uninterrupted work.

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